What Are the Different Types of Garage Decor?

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Garage decor may consist of various types of decorative or functional pieces. Rubber molded garage doormats are commonly found in many home garages. Storage cabinets may be part of the garage decor, and these may be shelf units or free-standing cabinets on wheels. For a garage that is used as a workshop, a work bench can be a decorative, yet functional, part of custom garage decor. Other types of garage decor may include neon signs for the wall, or poster prints in various designs.

Metal signs are commonly used as garage decor. Some signs have a retro or vintage theme, while others simply make a statement. Lighted signs are another type of garage decoration. Various types of colorful parking signs are often used for garage decor. In addition, decorations for the garage may include clocks or mirrors with a motorcycle or racing car theme.

Decor for a garage wall may also include a dart board, which serves as an entertaining game. Replica pay phones are another type of garage wall decor that can add a nostalgic touch to the garage. Many people prefer to display collectible racing car replicas on a shelf in the garage. Unique decor for the garage also includes outlet covers in various aluminum designs.


For a garage that has been converted into a workshop, a wooden work bench will often be part of the decor. Alternately, a counter stool may be a functional part of home furnishings in a workshop garage. Wall cabinets may be installed as well, and these are useful for holding tools and other household items.

A home with a two-car, or double, garage may serve more than a practical purpose. One section may be used to park the family car, while the other section is designated as an entertainment or play room. When a garage has been converted into an entertainment room, it is not uncommon to find a pool table as part of the room decor. A pub set for entertaining may also be used as garage decor.

Some prefer to convert a garage into an extra bedroom. In this case, central heat and air conditioning, as well as plumbing and flooring may be installed. A computer and desk may be placed in the converted garage. A bed or comfortable couch may complete the bedroom garage decor, while carpeting or decorative throw rugs can complement the interior design.


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