What Are the Different Types of Gadgets for Cars?

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Gadgets for cars can be extremely fun and popular, though some may serve as a distraction when driving. Among the many functional gadgets for cars, tools that plug into car chargers are both useful and popular. Tools that provide directions are also highly valuable when on the road, and many of these gadgets are now offered directly in cars. There are many monitors and tools available for drivers that can help analyze a car's performance or provide assistance when mishaps occur on the road. Purely fun car gadgets, such as those that decorate the car, come in many varieties to appeal to many groups.

People who spend a lot of time in cars often find that using electronic devices in the car is problematic. For this reason, many gadgets for cars focus on improving compatibility between the car and other devices. Plugs that allow electronic devices to be charged by the car charger are very popular, as are those that transmit music from a portable music device to the car's speakers. Compatibility can be improved using many different strategies, and some manufacturers even include these gadgets in the car as accessories in order to reduce clutter.


Many gadgets for cars relate to the act of driving. There are gadgets that provide directions, which can even include speaking directions or maps. A portable breathalyzer device is also a very useful tool for driving because it can prevent accidents and tickets. It is important for gadgets that aid the task of driving to not distract from driving, as this can be dangerous on the road.

Gadgets for cars that are useful when car problems arise are very popular and cover both routine mechanical failure and dangerous situations caused by accidents. Many people purchase devices that allow a person to escape from a car in case of an accident. These items can include blades that will cut a seatbelt or edges that can smash a window. In terms of fixing a broken down car, some of the most useful gadgets condense a large number of tools into a more portable form. It is also often useful to have a gadget that can create light in case problems occur in the dark.

While functional gadgets are important, there are also many purely frivolous car gadgets available. LED lights that decorate the dash or bumper, for example, serve a purely decorative purpose. Choosing decorative gadgets is often a way to personalize a vehicle in which someone spends a large amount of time and can make riding in the car more enjoyable, even if the gadgets do not serve a functional purpose.


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