What are the Different Types of Furniture Slipcovers?

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Furniture owners often want to change the look of their pieces, or to update old furniture with slipcovers that fit over sofas, chairs, and other upholstered pieces. These slipcovers may be custom made or sold ready to fit. Fitted slipcovers are commonly found in specialty stores. Stretch slipcovers are made to stretch to fit various sizes of furniture.

Dining chair slipcovers may be extravagant or informal in style. Dining chair slipcovers are generally made with a higher back to accommodate the high back style of most dining chairs. Some people purchase several sets of dining chair slipcovers to change the appearance of their dining room. In doing so, a room can take on a casual dining style or something more opulent.

T-cushion style slipcovers are designed for use with T-cushion furniture. Many of the ready-made designs are one piece. These are generally less expensive than designer or custom crafted T-cushion slipcovers.

Sectional slipcovers are not commonly found ready made. They may be difficult to purchase in department stores unless special ordered. There are online companies, however, that may stock slipcovers designed for sectional furniture.

Other types of furniture slipcovers include ottoman slipcovers, or those made for footrests. Most are made from a stretch material. Some are sold in matching sets to coordinate with a chair. Reclining chair slipcovers are another type that may be purchased at furniture stores.


Futon slipcovers are readily available at most retail furniture outlets. These are designed to fit futon furniture and come in various styles, colors, and materials. Most common materials used for futon slipcovers are cotton and polyester.

Although not commonly found in stores, another type of furniture slipcovers are those created for folding chairs. When extra seating is required, slipcovers for folding chairs help coordinate with the rest of the decor. These are sometimes used for holiday get-togethers and weddings.

Furniture slipcovers come in various styles and fabrics for different needs. For instance, washable fabric slipcovers are one low-maintenance type. Fabrics that may be machine washable are cotton, denim, and corduroy to name a few.

Other types of slipcovers include those made with material that requires dry cleaning only. This may include chenille or damask furniture slipcovers, or faux fur and suede slipcovers. Velour or velveteen slipcovers are typically used for a formal setting.

Other types of furniture slipcovers include the skirted variety. Some incorporate lace and ruffled trim. These are appropriate for a girl's or woman's room.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- I have had this problem too, and there are several ways that you can prevent your slipcovers from slipping off of your furniture.

First of all, since you have tried using slipcovers before, you probably already have several that you would like to use. If you use safety pins in inconspicuous places, you will be able to keep your slipcovers in place without anyone knowing that you had to pin them.

If you would rather find slipcovers that stay put, you should look for new ones that have backings that are made of foam rubber material. Many slipcovers are manufactured with this type of coating for the purpose of keeping them securely on furniture. Though it doesn't look like it would work, slipcovers with this type of backing will not slide off the furniture pieces that they are placed on.

Post 1

I have used slipcovers before, and I have always had problems with them falling off of the furniture. How can I keep them securely in place, whether I put them on couches, loveseats, or chairs?

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