What are the Different Types of Fundraisers?

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Fundraisers are events or sales designed to collect funding for a school, community, church, or other group. Different ways to make money include product sales, special events, and those that provide services. Many events seek donations, while others require a predetermined amount for the purchase of a product or service, or simply for attendance.

Many groups choose to sell products to raise funds. Although nearly any product can be sold, candles, soaps, t-shirts, wrapping paper, magazines, popcorn, and fruit are traditional fundraising products. Sales of phone cards, shopping discount cards, coupon books, and discount tickets are also common because the inventory does not require a great deal of storage space. Plants, coffee, organic products, and even sports team posters can also be used. In a product sale, orders are generally taken first; then, when the product is available, it is delivered or picked up.

In the service category, common choices are bake sales, car washes, and babysitting services, such hosting a parents' night out. Groups can also collect used toner and ink cartridges or gather general recyclable materials and redeem them for cash. In the event of a car wash or parents' night out, the group can either preset an amount for the service or accept donations in any amount.


Family portrait sales are a combination of the service and product categories. Groups might also sell personalized letters, such as Dear Santa or Valentine love letters, as a fundraiser. Other fundraising products include first aid kits and kids' identification cards.

The types of special event fundraisers are numerous. Some groups hold auctions or raffles, making proceeds off the sale of donated goods. Others choose one of many different types of activities and host a walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, kick-a-thon, or even bounce-a-thon, which involves jumping on a trampoline. At these events, participants receive donations from sponsors based on how many times, or for how long, the specific activity is completed.

Pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, rubber duck races, and golf tournaments are popular fundraisers. In these events, participants buy tickets or pay an entrance fee. Rather unique fundraising special event ideas include a radio dedication, in which listeners pay to have a song dedicated, and hosting a variety show or comedian performance. In a car bash event, participants pay for the opportunity to swing a sledge hammer at a donated car.

Some groups choose seasonal events as a way to raise money, and sell products such as Christmas trees or wreaths, pumpkins, or spring bulbs. Sales of personalized items, such as tote bags, hats, key rings, or laundry baskets with a school or organization logo, can also raise funds. Some organizations sell memorial plaques or personalized bricks that are displayed in a public place. Online fundraising is also an option, and groups can affiliate with various shopping sites and receive profits from online sales.


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Post 11

I have a fundraiser during my family reunions each year. We usually collect close to $1000 for our targeted charity for that year!

We have a concert, free food and special prizes for them. People are fed, entertained and happy. How can theory not give to a special charity?

Post 8

My school is building a high school this year and it will open in the coming fall. They are planning to not have a football team- I mean what high school does not have a football team! I made up the idea to persuade the principal to at least let us start fundraising, so I need as many ideas as I can get. I want them to be in-school fundraisers, but raffles and bake sales are all I can think of. Do you know of any other suggestions?

Post 7

@LoriCharlie - Yeah, I think fundraisers are better if you're actually selling something. I know I really hate it when people just ask me for money for things (unless it's a cause I really, really believe in). I'm a lot more likely to buy something than I am to just give away money.

Post 6
I think the key to profitable fundraisers is to offer a service or item for people to buy that they really want. I know I look forward to a few fundraisers in my area every year. One of them is Girl Scout cookie time (seriously, how could you not love those cookies) and another is the fundraiser a few of my friends do for their kids sports teams.

I forget what the name of the company is, but they sell pizzas and various baked goods. They sell a pumpkin roll that is to die for, and I get one every single year.

Post 5

@eidetic - I get overwhelmed by the amount of fundraisers that are out there myself. And now with the Internet, there are even more options for bothering your friends with fundraisers. There are now website you can use to set up a fundraiser and then spam all your friends begging them to donate. It has really gotten out of hand.

Post 4

Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but I'm sick to death of all these "unique" fundraisers. When I was running errands earlier, one of my friends called me and asked me to buy some wrapping paper from her kid. I said yes, because how can you not?

Then, I stopped at the store. I was accosted while I was trying to walk in by some kid and their parent trying to sell me popcorn. Then when I went to the cash register, the cashier asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to some hospital related thing. I don't have the money to spend on every single fundraiser people ask me to do! It's so annoying.

Post 2

Do people have fundraisers for family reunions to like help the ones that are unable to pay like for there kids or the event or food.

Post 1

We are having a Beef & Beer and collecting donations to raise money for a family whos main provider was in a serious car accident. What type of bank account should we set up for any cash donations we receive?

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