What Are the Different Types of Frozen Yogurt Equipment?

Eugene P.

There are a few types of frozen yogurt equipment available, mostly for use in a commercial setting. One of the most frequently seen pieces is a frozen yogurt dispenser. This can be made for use behind a counter, or it could be a self-serve model. Another often-used piece of frozen yogurt equipment is a frozen yogurt maker. These machines are designed to take a mixture and create frozen yogurt quickly so it can be served.

Chocolate frozen yogurt.
Chocolate frozen yogurt.

A very visible piece of frozen yogurt equipment in some shops is a soft-serve frozen yogurt dispenser. This is a machine that holds frozen yogurt at the correct temperature and provides nozzles to allow it to be dispensed. Most models have a paddle inside that keeps mixing the yogurt so it remains soft and aerated. These machines can come with several features, including different patterns that can be made when the frozen yogurt is poured, multiple nozzles so the machine can hold multiple flavors, and digital control panels that allow the temperature and other options to be set exactly.

Vanilla frozen yogurt.
Vanilla frozen yogurt.

Self-serve versions of these machines also exist. They offer features such as a cut-off after a certain amount of yogurt has been dispensed and modular parts for easy cleaning. Some versions of the machines come with spaces that can be branded with images that relate to the store in which it is located.

A piece of frozen yogurt equipment that is often necessary in some shops is a professional frozen yogurt maker. This machine allows someone to combine a base yogurt with a flavored mix and quickly create frozen yogurt. It is a much easier and faster process than mixing it in an industrial stand mixer, and it is less expensive than buying completely premade yogurt. There are frozen yogurt makers that can be purchased and used at home. These resemble ice cream makers and function in much the same way.

Certain shops hand-serve frozen yogurt from large containers in the same style that some ice cream is served. For these situations, there is a piece of frozen yogurt equipment called a dipping cabinet. These are refrigerated cases with a window so customers can see the different flavors inside. On the opposite side is a door that opens to allow a server to scoop out the frozen yogurt when ordered.

There also is specialty frozen yogurt equipment that can turn frozen yogurt into different types of yogurt desserts. These include machines that can make yogurt shakes or mix the frozen yogurt with another substance, such as ice cream or whipped cream. These machines are able to round out the selection in a shop that sells frozen yogurt or fill a niche demand in some areas.

A frozen yogurt maker combines base yogurt with flavored ingredients.
A frozen yogurt maker combines base yogurt with flavored ingredients.

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