What Are the Different Types of Front Office Services?

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Included in the various types of front office services are sales, management and hosting services. Customer service representatives and receptionists are also common front office jobs. Front office services, such as those provided by a clerk, host or a concierge are commonly found in the hospitality industry, which is among the businesses offering the most front office positions.

Front office service generally includes any assistance that is immediately offered to customers or clients upon entering a business. Such services may be offered to public or private clients, but are performed by staff members who consistently come in contact with a company’s customer base and are among the first that a customer encounters when engaging in business with a company. Employees providing front office services are typically trained to provide quality customer service in an effort to promote a good reputation for a company, as well as to attract repeat customers.

One of the most common front office services include those offered by sales staff. These services include informing customers of a product or service, as well as the benefits each offers. Individuals hired to perform sales duties in front offices are expected to be well-versed in a company’s products and policies as well as personable, persuasive and outgoing.


Managers also offer front office services while providing supervision and support to other front office staff persons at the same time. Individuals working in front office management positions typically engage in troubleshooting and maintaining front office systems to assure that employee workflow and customer satisfaction are at optimal levels. Another purpose of a front office managerial position is to act as a liaison between customers and staff persons, and between staff persons and upper management staff members who often work in back office positions.

Receptionists, greeters and hosts are all examples of business front office positions. Contact with individuals working in these positions contribute to the impression many in the public first form of a company. The front office services each provides is, therefore, among the most important types offered by a business and great lengths are often taken to train these employees to provide the highest quality of service possible.

While many businesses employ front office workers, hotels and other hospitality businesses offer a broad variety of different front office services. In the hospitality industry, managers, front desk clerks, sales staff, concierge workers and a host of other front office jobs can be found. These types of jobs are often the driving force behind a hospitality business’ success or failure.


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