What are the Different Types of Forensic Science Jobs?

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While pop culture may indicate forensic science jobs are limited to working in a laboratory running tests on bodily tissues and fluids, there are many others worth considering as well. In addition to being a laboratory analyst, a medical examiner, a crime scene examiner, or a forensic engineer are also possibilities. No matter what career path is chosen, the ultimate goal of all forensic science jobs is to cooperate with other law enforcement specialists to piece together as much of the crime scene as possible.

The bulk of the work of a laboratory analyst is to examine evidence from a chemical and physical perspective. Testing bodily fluids and tissues, and then identifying who they belong to, is key to solving many types of crimes. From rape to murder, this job in forensic science plays a key role in finding the perpetrator in many cases.


Of all the forensic science jobs, the medical examiner may be subject to the most gruesome type of work. Those who choose this career will be responsible for conducting autopsies. They will usually work in a laboratory, but also may be called to work at the scene of the crime in some circumstances. Bodies may be in various states of decay. There are three main questions the medical examiner will need to answer: the manner of death, the cause of death, and the time of death. Manner of death includes one of three possibilities: homicide, suicide or natural. Cause of death could be anything such as drowning, gunshot or heart attack.

The crime scene examiner is often responsible for the collection of evidence that both the medical examiner and laboratory analyst will examine during the course of the investigation. While all forensic science jobs require a great attention to detail, this one requires even more thoroughness to avoid compromising or destroying evidence. Without it, those in the other forensic science jobs will never get a chance to make the important discoveries that could break the case.

The forensic engineer works with very technical types of investigations to determine causes and manners of incidents. For example, someone in this forensic job may need to determine if a traffic collision, or home fire, was intentional or the result of an accident. This often involves re-creating the circumstances at the time the incident took place. To do that, the forensic engineer must backtrack, often looking at each cause and effect, to come up with a conclusion.


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Post 4

Moldova-I also wanted to add that forensic engineers, forensic accountants and computer forensics investigators are also different jobs in forensic science.

A forensic engineer studies the scene of an accident and determines the cause of the accident. They also determine if the cause was mechanical or if it was an act of terrorism.

A forensic accountant analyzes a company’s financial data in order to determine if there are any financial irregularities that result in illegal activity such as fraud or money laundering activities.

Forensic accountants are usually certified public accountants that are also Certified Fraud Examiners as well.

Computer forensics investigators analyze all computer data including the hard drive, deleted files, and password protected areas to

determine if any illegal activity is taking place.

Sometimes companies hire these investigators to determine if an employee is exposing trade secrets, or there may be illegal activity occurring that the company might want to capture in order to take action. These are other forensic science careers.

Post 3

Cafe41- Also, entry level forensic science jobs include forensic science technician. These technicians are often college graduates with backgrounds in criminology.

They collect evidence from crime scenes. They also examine and test the evidence collected and interpret their findings. They put together reports on the data that they collected. In order to be successful in this job, you have to be detailed oriented.

Post 2

Comfyshoes- Medical examiners often earn up to $200,000 or more depending on the city that they are in. But there are different jobs in forensic science.

For example, forensic anthropologists study the skeletal remains of the victim to determine the age, gender, and cause of death.

Forensic anthropologists are brought in when there is no DNA evidence. They usually have to identify the victim.

Some forensic anthropologists focus on biometrics. Biometrics establishes advanced age progression technology that allows a composite computer generated picture of a person that may have been missing for a while.

This is often used in missing children’s cases. Forensic Anthropologists can earn up to $75,000 a year and require a PhD in anthropology.

Post 1

There are different jobs in forensic science. For example, Medical examiners perform autopsies and determine the cause of death.

They perform toxicology reports to determine the level of drugs that are found in a person's system. They also determine if someone died accidentally or were killed.

They often are involved in cases relating to sudden deaths, or mysterious deaths. Their findings have significant ramifications legally and sometimes the findings are fought with controversy.

For example, the death of Anna Nicole was ruled an accidental overdose, but others speculate that she was deliberately given higher dosages of some of her prescription medication by those that had something to gain in her death.

Most medical examiners have to have a thick skins when they file their report because controversies like this are common.

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