What Are the Different Types of Food Business Ideas?

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The different types of food business ideas include not only restaurants, bakeries, delis or cafes, but also mobile lunch trucks, catering companies, personal chefs, street carts, mall kiosks and manufacturing firms. Depending on the country and exact location, a specific type of license may be needed. In all the different types of food businesses, the menu items or products being offered to the public must be tested and perfected before the company is fully launched.

Business ideas that involve manufacturing a food product to sell on store shelves often require a fairly large investment. The location and equipment for preparing and packaging food items must be adequate as well as typically meet legal standards. Manufacturing types of food business ideas must be carefully financed, with the product well developed in order for it to compete against existing and national brands. Advertising and promotional strategies must also be well planned to make consumers aware of the new food products.


Food stands or kiosks in malls typically feature a specific type of product such as hot dogs, pizza or popcorn. Around this main product, drinks and side dish options may also be sold. Shopping mall kiosk kinds of food business ideas are often located near areas that feature a "court" of other eateries since the stands themselves rarely have seating. Like mall food kiosks, street carts are also small, self-contained options that usually focus on items such as hot dogs, pizza or popcorn. Pretzel and sausage carts are popular in some areas although not all geographical locations permit street food cart businesses.

Personal chefs go to clients' homes to prepare meals. Personal chef food business ideas may also include teaching cooking lessons in their own or clients' homes. Planning menus around clients' likes, dislikes, diet needs and allergies are common tasks done by personal chefs before they actually prepare the food. Catering companies plan and supply the food for events such as weddings, parties and business dinners. Mobile lunch trucks carry food and beverages to sell at job sites or on location at film sets.

Cafes, delis, bakeries and restaurants are popular retail, storefront food business ideas. Cafes often focus mainly on beverages, snacks and fast food, while delis feature delicatessen meats as well as cheeses. Creating unique, signature sandwiches is a common business idea for delis. Most bakeries have bread and rolls as well as sweet desserts. Restaurant business ideas, which may be ethnic eateries, steakhouses, vegetarian diners or many other possibilities, range from small to large and from casual to fancy.


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Post 3

@burcinc-- I agree with you.

Another very lucrative food business idea is a restaurant that serves fast food and breakfast foods to college students.

Many college campuses have little to no late night food options available. When I was at college, we had one gyro stand on the street right across campus and one little place serving waffles until morning and they both were doing great.

Let's face it, college kids drink and stay up late and are willing to eat anything at that hour.

Post 2

My dream is to own a small cafe one day. I want to serve coffee, tea and the like along with simple foods like sandwiches, desserts and some bakery items.

Post 1

There are many street carts in downtown Washington D.C. during lunch time and they do great business.

I usually get lunch from carts because it's affordable and fast, although the line can be ridiculously long at times.

Street carts must be the most lucrative food business because it requires such little investment compared to other businesses. Plus, they can haul that thing anywhere!

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