What are the Different Types of Folding Benches?

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Folding benches are handy devices that provide seating and other functions when necessary. The additional benefit is that a bench of this type will fold up for easy storage when not needed. There are several different types of folding benches on the market today, each of them offering their own particular advantages.

For general seating purposes, simple backless folding benches are a good option. These benches are great for use as extra seating at sporting events or open air concerts. Different sizes will accommodate anywhere from four to six people to several hundred attendees. When the benches are no longer needed, they simply retract for easy storage. It is not unusual for many schools to keep one or more of the larger folding bench units on hand for special occasions.

There are also several types of portable benches that work well for short trips to the beach or camping. Some models are constructed with a mixture of canvas and lightweight aluminum framing, while others are constructed with wood or plastic. In design, they may or may not have backs. Generally, these benches will accommodate up to four people, and work very well around a picnic table or as seating around a campfire.


Cafeteria benches are another common example of folding benches. Longer than the camping benches used at the beach or on camping trips, these handy folding benches are often ideal for providing seating at long tables. It is not unusual for municipalities to make used of these types of benches for holiday celebrations, political rallies, and other public events. Easier to set up than folding chairs, the cafeteria bench normally folds into sections that stack and thus can be stored in a relatively small space.

The shower bench is a great example of folding benches that work well in the home and on trips. For people who have difficulty standing long enough to take a shower, a shower bench can be a lifesaver. Usually constructed of heavy-duty resin or aluminum, the shower bench is usually a simple device that provides a seat but no back. This makes it easy to change positions while showering without necessarily having to stand up and sit down repeatedly.

Folding benches are also used in exercise regimens as well. A folding weight bench often features a solid metal frame and an elongated padded seat. A bench of this type is ideal for working with free weights, performing sit-ups, and other basic exercises. When the exercise session is done, the bench folds up for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

There are many other variations of folding benches available today. Travel benches designed for use with pop up campers are popular items, as are wooden benches that can be set up for small gatherings then stored away with ease. In terms of cost, pricing on the different folding benches depends on the materials used for the bench, the size of the unit, and the intended purpose for the bench.


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