What are the Different Types of Flowers?

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There are thousands and thousands of flower species, and people grow different types of flowers in gardens all over the world. A flower is a reproductive structure, and although many flowers share the same or similar structures, the variations are enormous. Some have multiple separate petals while others have fused ones that are shaped like tubes. They may be symmetrical or not, grow at the end of a stem or at the base of the plant, grow in extremely close proximity to other flowers so that they all look like one bloom, or appear in a number of other varieties.

There are as many types of flowers as there are people who grow them. Some reproduce from bulbs, some from cuttings, and some from seeds. Perennial flowers do not have to be replanted every year, while annuals do. Some flowers are even edible.

A beginning gardener may want to start simple, planting flowers that grow from seeds that are pre-planted in a strip of soil. The gardener prepares a suitable place, unrolls the soil and sets it properly, waters it, and waits for the flowers to grow. Flowers that start from seeds include zinnias, wildflowers, poppies, strawflowers, morning glories, and others. These are generally annuals and will sprout, grow, and die in the same season.


Tulips and daffodils start from bulbs. A gardener usually plants the bulbs in the fall, and the spring brings the flowers up. Bulbs can be dug up and replanted, but are generally left in the ground, where they come up faithfully each year. When dormant, bulbs can also be dug up, divided, and replanted to increase the number of flowers in the spring.

Roses are probably the most well-known flowers that usually grow from cuttings. It is easy to cut a small branch from a rosebush, root it in a pot, plant it in the yard, and have that kind of rose growing in a few months. Most roses are sold already rooted — some even flowering — in pots at garden centers.

Their beauty prompts people to plant, display, and give flowers for special occasions or for no reason at all. Nothing brightens up a dreary room like a few flowers in a vase. Some people even have flowering houseplants, such as African violets, on their desks at work, and they are also popular in nursing homes.

People should take care when giving flowers. The giver needs to make certain the recipient isn’t allergic to the plants and doesn’t mind if any have a fragrance. Not all flowers have a fragrance, of course, but especially strongly scented plants, such as gardenias, honeysuckle, or lilies, may trigger an allergic reaction.


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