What are the Different Types of Flight Training Software?

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There is a fairly wide array of flight training software available for people interested in learning to operate different types of aircraft. Most programs are aimed toward one specific aspect of flight training, so an entire course may require several different programs to fully complete and prepare for examinations. These different types of flight training software include radio communication training, learning laws and regulations regarding flying, understanding the various dials and meters in a cockpit, and flight simulators that allow a person to get a sense of how an airplane or helicopter reacts to controls.

Flight training software is a type of computer program or playable media that conveys information about learning how to fly through a number of interactive ways. For example, this type of program can include radio training software that allows a person to learn and practice proper radio communication while operating an aircraft. This type of program typically includes dozens of hours of recorded audio from actual communications with professionals in the industry, along with guides to help a person understand what is being communicated. Flight training software to help improve radio communication can also include functions allowing a user to record his or her responses to pre-recorded questions and then listen to them again later to self-analyze.


Some flight training software is targeted toward helping a new aircraft operator understand what he or she will see on the control panel inside an aircraft. This can include programs that run on a computer and allow a person to mouse over and interact with the various displays and meters on an aircraft control panel. Less interactive software that simply plays on a standard digital versatile disc (DVD) player can also assist in instruction without the need of a computer. This type of flight training software will typically rely more heavily on video instruction, allowing a viewer to move around in a lesson and focus on areas of improvement. These programs can commonly be used to learn about laws and regulations regarding operating an aircraft and these can be specific to different regions.

Flight simulators are also a common and popular type of flight training software, which allow users to practice flying an aircraft from the safety of their computer. Often used in conjunction with a realistic input device similar to what would be found inside an actual aircraft, these programs allow a user to get a sense of how an aircraft would realistically react to movements made by a pilot. This type of flight training software typically includes a display with some of the meters and gauges found inside a cockpit as well, to help a person better understand how they all relate to what is happening to an aircraft.


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