What are the Different Types of Fitted Hats?

Patti Kate

Some of the various types of fitted hats include fitted baseball caps, fitted winter hats, and knitted infants' hats. Custom fitted hats with logos or slogans are another type. Flex fit hats adjust to the individual's head size.

Baseball caps are one type of fitted hat.
Baseball caps are one type of fitted hat.

Many fitted hats feature logos of sports teams. These may major league or minor league franchises, including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey teams. Fitted hats with custom designs featuring the names and numbers of professional race car drivers are another type.

Fitted winter hats keep heat from escaping the body through the head.
Fitted winter hats keep heat from escaping the body through the head.

Many businesses have custom made fitted hats designed to promote their companies. For instance, a pizza or submarine sandwich shop may give its employees fitted hats to wear featuring the company's logo and name printed on the hat. Many supermarket employees wear fitted hats with their store's names on the front as well.

Some types of fitted hats are worn by skateboarders.
Some types of fitted hats are worn by skateboarders.

Fitted baby hats and knitted bonnets for infants may be purchased in various styles and colors. Many of these are hand-crocheted or knitted, while others are in the style of a baseball cap. The baseball cap variety of hat is typically made for little boys.

Flex fit hats adjust to the individual's head size.
Flex fit hats adjust to the individual's head size.

Some of the hand-knitted hats for baby girls include crocheted flowers and ribbon embroidery. Some of these styles also feature cartoon character designs. These versatile styles make them practical to wear in cold weather.

Fitted hats for infants are usually made of lightweight cotton material to protect babies from the sun. These sun hats are fitted as well. Most baby hats are available in sizes that fit newborns to children who are 12 months.

Fitted skate hats may be made of corduroy, cotton, or mesh materials. These may have various designs on the front of the hat and come in many colors. Designed for those who ride skateboards, these hats may also have emblems or labels. Most are adjustable or are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Ladies fitted fashion hats come in all styles and colors. Many have wide brims and are appropriate for dress wear. Other styles include jacquard or cashmere hats for women.

A bucket hat is an over-sized hat that women wear in spring or fall. Ski style berets are fitted hats generally made from wool and worn during cold winter months. The beret style hat originated in France.

Army hats for men and women and other military-style hats are sometimes worn as fashion. Wedding fitted hats are worn by members of wedding parties. These hats may be trimmed in satin or other materials. Fitted hats trimmed in fur are worn for cold weather.

Some fitted hats may be made of corduroy.
Some fitted hats may be made of corduroy.

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@Emilski - I think most people who crochet use some type of pattern, so it is probably laid out as to how large the final hat will be. I'm sure there are probably other ways to make the thing larger and smaller once you get to the end.

It wasn't until recently that I figured out what a bucket hat was. I see a lot of men that wear these hats, too. I always used to call them fishing hats. It would be very important to make sure you got the right size for that one, or it would keep sliding down in front of your eyes.

Another hat that would be important to have fitted correctly is a cowboy hat. If you were actually using it for the purpose of riding horses, there would be a lot of movement, and it could easily slide around or fall off if you didn't have the right size hat for your head. I have always wondered if they made customized fitted hats for a specific person's head in situations like that. Does anyone know?


This may be an odd question, but when people are crocheting or knitting hats, how do they plan for the final size? I understand that there would be a little bit of stretching, but you wouldn't want the hat to be too big or too small. One way, the hat wouldn't fit, and the other would be pretty uncomfortable.

I don't know anything about crocheting, so maybe it isn't that difficult. It just seems like it would be hard to plan out the size of a hat by starting at the top.


@titans62 - I know what you mean about it being a pain to find the right hat. When I played baseball in high school, we always got fitted hats. Luckily, my head hasn't grown any since that time, so I can just look at the size of that hat and know what size new hats need to be.

I really like the look of fitted hats. Whenever you get the one-size-fits-all hats, they always bunch up in the back, and they never seem to fit me well. With fitted hats, though, the cap seems to fit closer to the head and is more comfortable. That is what I have noticed, at least.

I didn't really think about things like wedding veils having to be fitted, though. I'm sure it wouldn't be good to be walking down the aisle and have to worry about the veil falling off of your head.


I don't think I have ever stopped to think about all the different types of hats there are that can be fitted. I have owned a lot of fitted baseball hats in my life, but that is about it.

The thing I always hated was that it never seems like fitted hats go by the same measuring system. It is sort of like shoes. One company may call the same hat by two different sizes, even though they are all supposed to be based on the number of inches around the head.

Because of that, buying a new hat always involves trying on a few different sizes to find the one that I think will fit best. That always makes be uncomfortable, because I don't like thinking about other people having tried on the same hat before me.

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