What are the Different Types of Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

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Fitted bedroom furniture can refer to two different things. The first is furniture that is built into a room; in this case, this might include shelving, an armoire or other storage unit, for example. It may also refer to custom designed furniture that is fitted to the exact specifications of the room for which it is intended. In a bedroom, this can include all types of furniture from end tables, desks and bookshelves, to a headboard on a bed, just to name a few. Fitted bedroom furniture often gives the room a more cohesive, well designed appearance, in rooms of different sizes.

The first type of fitted bedroom furniture may also be referred to as built-in furniture. Shelving and storage units are especially popular types of fitted bedroom furniture. They may be added after a house is built, but when homeowners are building a new home, this type of furniture is often designed and added into the room from the beginning. It can then be styled to match the decor of the rest of the room, and painted or coordinated with the other colors and types of furniture used in the room. It is rare that other types of bedroom furniture, such as beds or tables, would be built into a room in this manner, though it is possible.


Custom designed fitted bedroom furniture allows more customization options. A customer may order a piece of furniture with certain specifications to fit an awkwardly sized or particularly small room, for example. The furniture may then be built and shipped. It may also be created as modular furniture, which is often shipped flat in pieces, and then assembled by the customer. In this case, any piece of furniture can typically be built and fitted for a specific room, though beds will still need to be made a standard size in order to accommodate a mattress of a standard size.

Some people will only have one or two pieces of fitted bedroom furniture in a room, while others will commission entire bedroom units. For homes with especially small or especially large rooms, custom designed furniture can help to alter the way the room is scaled while still maximizing available space. Of course, one of the downsides of fitted furniture is that it is much less transitory. Moving the furniture to another room or another home may be impossible, or the custom designed furniture may not fit properly in a new location.


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