What Are the Different Types of Firefighter Software?

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There are several different types of firefighter software that can help a current or aspiring firefighter to study, practice strategy, and otherwise develop firefighting skills. Many programs have some sort of simulation capability in which the user attempts to make the best possible decisions given the situation. Other types of firefighter software are geared towards helping the user to learn about specific challenges in the field, such as environmental concerns. There are also products that focus on a particular phase of firefighter skill building, be it training or employee development.

A typical simulation on firefighter software will present a fire and basic information about the structure that is afflicted. It also may provide information about the area, weather conditions, or other factors that may have an effect on the way the fire burns. Many programs also give the user the opportunity to make detailed decisions about how to approach the fire, such as which tools to use, how many trucks to bring in, and where to place them.

Beyond the basic structure of firefighter software for simulations, there are several possible configurations. The way in which the simulation plays out, including format, the number and intensity of complications presented, and the overall complexity can all vary. What amount of control a user has over the situation can also vary.


Some types of firefighter software are geared towards helping aspiring firefighters study for certification. Though these products tend to be entry-level, some of them may be of continuing use to a firefighter as a way to hone and maintain skills. For the most part, they are meant to be used as a study aid for helping the user to pass the test.

There are also specialized firefighter software programs for different kinds of firefighting. For example, a program may focus on the specific challenges of fighting forest fires. This kind of software can help the firefighter to more easily troubleshoot details such as weather, terrain, and other unique factors found with a certain kind of fire.

Firefighter software can be found in formats for desktop computers, mobile devices, or both. Desktop models tend to be used most for study or simulation. Though they serve an important purpose, some of these programs are even looked upon as games to be used to pass the time at the station. Programs for mobile devices tend to be geared towards practical field use. Rather than providing an overview, they offer information that can be used directly to fight a fire.


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