What Are the Different Types of Firefighter Discounts?

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Firefighters are civil servants that protect the communities they work in from fire and assist in other emergencies. Many businesses offer firefighter discounts to members of this profession. These deals may be applied to goods or services. To receive such a price decrease, a person typically has to be in uniform or show proof of his job position. Firefighter discounts are commonly offered at restaurants and retail stores, and some may also be available for travel and home or automobile services.

Many restaurants offer firefighter discounts. Each establishment decides which type of discount it would like to give, and this may include free soft drinks, a free dessert, or the bill being reduced by a set percentage. Price reductions may be available for dining in, and take-out or delivery orders, depending on the restaurant's policy.

A number of retailers, both independent and national, give discounts to firefighters. These may include a percentage reduction on the price of goods. Some stores may also offer firefighter discounts on services. For example, some cellular phone companies have service plans that offer a decreased rate to firefighters. Retail discounts may be offered every day, or only on certain days of the week or month.


Firefighters are commonly offered reductions when having their automobiles serviced, or when purchasing a new vehicle. For example, some auto shops offer oil changes or brake services at a lower price for firefighters. These businesses may also offer a discount for more expensive automobile repairs. When purchasing an automobile from a new or used dealership, a firefighter may be offered incentives, or a reduced price, on his purchase.

Businesses that provide home services may also give firefighter discounts. These may include landscapers, plumbers, carpet cleaners, or home cleaning services. A firefighter should inquire about any available reductions before making an appointment for such services.

When booking travel, a firefighter can sometimes save money by applying a firefighter discount to a trip. These reductions can be applied to many different areas related to traveling. For instance, many major cruise lines offer discounted packages for firefighters, and car rental companies may offer lower rental fees. Resorts and hotels may offer rooms at a lower nightly rate to firefighters, or include a complimentary room upgrade or meal.

A firefighter is often offered discounts while he is in uniform. When off duty or out of uniform, however, firefighters may have to ask about any available firefighter discounts. It is not uncommon for businesses to require proof that someone is a firefighter before applying a discount.


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Post 3

@anamur-- I think some do and some don't. It depends on where you are.

In my town, civil servants like policemen and firefighters don't really bother asking for discounts at local establishments. Some policemen think that it might affect their job and don't take anything from anyone.

Firefighters do qualify for tax discounts however. My cousin is a firefighter and I know he gets a discount for property tax.

Post 2

Are volunteer firefighters given discounts at restaurants?

Post 1

It's so nice that firefighters are given discounts by establishments. Firefighters put their lives at risk every day to protect us and I think they deserve these kinds of exceptions.

If it was in my hands, I would want them to get some services for free altogether.

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