What Are the Different Types of Financial Help for Handicapped Persons?

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Financial obligations can be especially burdensome for someone with special needs. Thankfully, financial help for handicapped people may be offered by a local or federal government through insurance to help make the load more bearable. Employees may pay into some federal disability insurance, such as social security in the U.S., automatically through a paycheck. That money can later be called upon if there is a need and if the handicapped persons qualify. Some forms of financial help for the handicapped community require that an individual was working before any disabling occurred.

The type of financial help for handicapped persons available is largely dependent on the region in which the people in need live. Different programs are designed to meet the various needs that handicapped individuals may have. Medical help could come through Medicaid in the U.S., a federal program that helps low-income handicapped people to pay medical bills. Instead of being sent directly to the handicapped person, money is sent to the health care provider involved. Participants in this program may still be required to contribute some copayment amount, but at the very least, Medicaid represents some type of financial help for handicapped persons.


Disability insurance is another supplement for people with physical needs. Individuals may need to meet narrow conditions in order to qualify for this type of financial help for handicapped people. For instance, the injury or sickness must be so severe that regular work duties cannot be accomplished. A feature of this type of financial help for handicapped people may be partial payment of a salary.

Students may have some privileges when it comes to financial help for handicapped individuals. Scholarships and loans can be tailored specifically for students with disabilities. These programs may target specific groups, including military veterans or minorities.

Certain organizations exist to help handicapped people find employment. These agencies also ensure that accommodations for disabled people are available. The handicapped community has certain needs and may require a ramp for a wheelchair-bound person or the accommodation of a service dog for the blind, for instance. Employment agencies may offer services for disabled individuals for potentially no charge and can assist handicapped individuals seeking work and finding the most appropriate employers.

Financial planning for handicapped persons can help prevent a situation where a disabled person or his or her family is in a desperate situation. There may be tax exemptions available to handicapped households who pay property taxes, for example. Help may also be available for heating and cooling needs through programs available by an electricity provider.


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