What Are the Different Types of Federal Career Opportunities?

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Federal career opportunities range from administrative and judicial employees to custodians and security specialists in federal buildings. Librarians in federal libraries, curators in federal museums and law enforcement officials, such as the U.S. Secret Service and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in America, are all federal career opportunities. In most democratic countries, the roles of president, vice president and members of the cabinet are also considered federal career opportunities. Many park rangers, groundskeepers and tour guides assigned to federally-owned or -operated parks, recreation areas and visitor attractions are also federally employed.

For many job seekers, federal career opportunities offer potential employment security as well as top wages and benefits. Many retiring and former military personnel often find federal career opportunities in the military as civilian employees. Often, these positions allow the ex-military member to perform duties very similar to those performed on active duty. Often known as Department of Defense (DOD) civilians in the U.S., these employees work hand-in-hand with military members on a military installation. Some of the most visual DOD positions include military police, barbers and postal workers.


Terrorist threats to airlines around the world have developed several federal career opportunities in the home defense and security fields. The American Homeland Security office is one such opportunity, with some of these positions involving traveling incognito on passenger airlines. The federal officer is commonly armed and is trained to avert any hijacking or terrorist-involved attempt to take control of the aircraft. Around the world, many opportunities to become involved in federally-funded and backed anti-terrorist agencies are providing employment positions, specialized training and career paths for those interested in the field. Federal messengers, secretaries and mechanics for government-owned vehicles provide several employment opportunities for job-seekers who would like to work for the federal government.

In many countries, many medical and postal employees are federal employees and service-related federal career opportunities typically offer benefits, retirement packages and the security of a federally-controlled job. Many federal career opportunities offer mandated pay raises, seniority bonuses and other benefits provided by the employer that are not usually offered in the civilian sector. Certain pilot, air crew and driver positions are all federal careers. Air-traffic controllers, prosecutors and legal clerk positions are also available at the federal level. Political campaign managers, speech writers and election officials are also typically employed by the federal government.


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