What are the Different Types of Faucet Taps?

Autumn Rivers

Faucet taps come in various sizes and styles, most of which should be researched before shopping for one. Most contemporary bathroom and kitchen faucets use either a single or double tap on the faucet, depending on the budget and preferences of the homeowner. Plastic taps are typically seen outdoors, such as in the garden or yard, since they do not rust and are considered eco-friendly. LED faucet taps can also be purchased, and are considered a fun way to make a room memorable with lights while making the water's temperature obvious to users.

A person washing his hands in water from a bathroom faucet.
A person washing his hands in water from a bathroom faucet.

Most metal faucets for bathrooms and kitchens come with either a double tap or a single tap. The single tap is usually less expensive, as there is just one handle or knob that is turned one way for hot water and the other way for cold water. A double tap comes with two taps, one for each temperature of water. This type is usually more expensive, but it allows users to mix cold and hot water together to get their ideal temperature. Both kinds of faucet taps are usually made of metal, with finishes ranging from brass and chrome to bronze and nickel.

A single tap kitchen faucet.
A single tap kitchen faucet.

Plastic taps are often found outside, such as in the yard or in a garden. They are known for being lightweight yet sturdy, as well as environmentally friendly. This kind of tap is usually resistant to rust, which means that rain or a moist environment will not ruin it over time. Additionally, this kind of tap is usually cheaper than most other types of faucet taps, such as those made of metal. For this reason, many people opt to use it outside where the faucet's durability and resistance to rust is more important than its appearance.

LED faucet taps are appealing to many since their bright colors make them look unique, but they also have a helpful function. This product features temperature sensors that turn the flowing water different colors depending on whether it is hot or cold. Therefore, it transforms plain water into an attractive colorful flow while making sure that users do not have to touch the water to find out its temperature. Typically, the water turns blue when it is cold and red if it is hot, which makes it intuitive enough for small children to understand. Some faucets feature other colors as well, such as green when the temperature is particularly cold, and most faucets of this kind require batteries.

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