What Are the Different Types of Fat Free Sugar Free Foods?

T. Broderick

There are many types of fat free sugar free foods. The first type concerns many natural products such as most culinary vegetables. Certain processed foods are also fat free and sugar free. Individuals, especially those with diabetes or other health concerns, must be wary of any processed foods carrying this label. Creating dishes at home without sugar or fat requires some time and effort, but the results can allow one to consume a wider variety of food.

Processed foods may be labeled as "fat-free" or "sugar-free."
Processed foods may be labeled as "fat-free" or "sugar-free."

Many foods are naturally fat free sugar free. These are mainly culinary vegetables. Examples include lettuce, celery and broccoli. One can eat these and other vegetables raw or cooked. Though adding other ingredients in a recipe may introduce small amounts of fat or sugar, a vegetable-based diet is excellent for those wishing to significantly cut down on their sugar and fat intake.

A fat-free, sugar-free diet plan should feature plenty of broccoli, tomatoes and other non-starchy vegetables.
A fat-free, sugar-free diet plan should feature plenty of broccoli, tomatoes and other non-starchy vegetables.

Though it may be difficult to entirely avoid fat and sugar during meals, fat free sugar free snacks are not out of the question. The vegetables listed above are certainly an option. In order to enhance taste but not introduce fat or sugar, a variety of healthy dips and other garnishes are available at major supermarkets. Supermarkets also carry many processed foods that advertise as fat free sugar free. Investigating these claims may reveal a different story.

Individuals on a diet or those needing to make dietary changes due to diabetes need to be wary of claims of fat free sugar free on processed foods. Though the product will contain no fat, the issue of sugar is more complicated due to the way the human body processes carbohydrates. Though a product may contain no actual sugar, the body turns all carbohydrates into sugar, raising one's blood sugar. It is necessary to consider every gram of carbohydrate as a gram of sugar when choosing a processed food. A diet that reduces or eliminates sugar must also reduce carbohydrate intake.

In order to broaden one's selection of fat free sugar free foods, it may be necessary to prepare dishes at home. Many cookbooks and web sites have recipes suited to a variety of tastes. If one is new to preparing these types of dishes, it may take some time to find acceptable replacements for one's favorite foods. When starting out on a fat free sugar free diet, creating different dishes will help one more quickly discover the best tasting recipes.

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