What Are the Different Types of Fashion Trainee Jobs?

Haven Lee

Fashion is driven by trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. There are many career paths in the fashion industry reflecting a variety of fashion trainee jobs. A person in training can prepare for a career in design, marketing, buying, styling and even photography

Fashion design trainees learn all aspects of fashion design.
Fashion design trainees learn all aspects of fashion design.

In the fashion industry, a buyer is an individual who chooses what items to sell in a store or boutique. A trainee for this position usually will work closely with a senior buyer to learn the trade. Many buyers specialize in a particular type of merchandise, such as women's handbags. A fashion trainee will assist the senior buyer in observing trends and predicting which items will be sought after by shoppers. Fashion buyers and trainees typically work closely with designers and attend fashion shows.

Fashion buyers must understand the target market of each store.
Fashion buyers must understand the target market of each store.

Designing is one of the more popular roles in the fashion industry. A fashion designer serves as the creative spark for a product, visualizing, sketching and painting designs in a variety of areas of fashion. Fashion trainee jobs in design generally start on the junior level, where trainees assist with executing the visions of successful designers or fashion houses. A design trainee typically will learn all the facets of design, including the cutting, sewing and tailoring of garments.

Fashion trainee jobs in styling entail working with a team, including a fashion director, models and photographers. A trainee for this position works on the set of photo shoots, music videos, commercials and runway shows. A person in this position chooses clothing, shoes and accessories that help tell a specific story set to a certain theme. Assistant stylists typically work closely with a styling director to execute an outlined vision.

Marketers in fashion trainee jobs promote fashion and help drive the industry. Training in fashion marketing involves assisting a team that is focused on making a brand or line of clothing successful. Teams that are involved in fashion marketing have a solid grasp on popular culture and are able to assess and target consumers to increase interest in the clothing line that they are representing. A marketing trainee typically assists in giving visual presentations to potential buyers and putting together advertising campaigns.

Fashion photographers are devoted to showcasing clothing and other fashions. The different types of fashion trainee jobs for photographers involve assisting successful or senior fashion photographers on the sets of photo shoots. The goal of a fashion photographer is most often to display clothing for magazines and advertisements. A trainee might help with a variety of duties, including scouting locations and set design.

A fashion trainee may help organize fashion shows.
A fashion trainee may help organize fashion shows.

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