What are the Different Types of Fashion Industry Jobs?

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There are many different types of fashion industry jobs, not all of which relate directly to designing or producing new items. In addition to positions working with textiles, designing patterns, and coming up with ideas, there are also positions involving office work, human resources, and all other general business duties. A person with experience in business might work in the fashion industry as a supply chain manager, or a person with artistic experience might work in advertising. Fashion industry jobs cover all aspects of the industry, and a person who is devoted to finding a position within this industry can often find unusual ways to become involved.

When most people think of fashion industry jobs, they think of people directly involved with the production of clothing, bags, and other wearable items. These jobs might include designing prototypes, selecting textiles, and making patterns. Designers often work in specific departments, but at an indie firm, a designer might be responsible for a wide range of items. These jobs usually do not involve production of the garments on a large scale, but at a very small business, designers might also produce clothing.


In addition to these fashion industry jobs, there are also many jobs that relate to the business of fashion. Sales, marketing, and even budgeting departments in the fashion industry often have job openings. Thinking about the different kinds of work involved in the fashion industry can reveal very unique job opportunities. Every fashion business that has a website, for example, must hire someone to design that website. Likewise, stylists, photographers, and set designers are all involved in setting up photo shoots to advertise fashions.

On the production side of fashion, there are many fashion industry jobs that require very little knowledge of the designs being made. Many companies employ people to manage how new items are made and produced at various stages in the process, and these people often know more about manufacturing than fashion. It is also important for a fashion business to manage logistics, vendor relations, and shipping. These jobs may not be specific to this type of product, but they are necessary in the fashion industry nonetheless.

Every business has lower-level employees who are not directly involved in the production of any items, but in fashion this can be an ideal way for a young employee to start. Working as an assistant, secretary, or other basic office worker in the fashion industry is a great way to get a foot in the door at these companies. Usually, a person who wishes to move up in the fashion industry should seek a job working at the offices of the company rather than in retail. Retail is typically considered separate from the production aspects of the fashion industry.


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