What Are the Different Types of Fashion Degree Programs?

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Among the various types of fashion degree programs are those offering an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. Students may choose to receive a fashion education from a private trade school, a two-year college or a four-year university. In many cases, students may choose to enroll in fashion online degree programs. Many programs also offer fashion certificate or fashion diploma options, as well. Some fashion degree programs also offer students the option of studying abroad.

A variety of majors are offered in most fashion degree programs including those in brand management, marketing and merchandising. Of course, students may also opt for a degree in fashion design or may choose to focus on the education needed to become a stylist or a fashion director. Most fashion degree programs offer a wide range of options that prepare students to work in administrative or in more direct creative fashion capacities. It is also common for degree programs to assist students in securing internships and to even offer job placement assistance after graduation.

Schools that offer fashion degree programs may also extend continuing education programs to students currently working in fashion careers. As technology and trends change, such programs are often necessary to help individuals stay abreast of the newest techniques and equipment used in various positions within the fashion industry. Many such courses are offered during the evenings and on weekends in an effort to accommodate working students.


Increasingly, fashion degree programs are offering opportunities to complete a fashion education online. Such programs may offer continuing education, certificate and diploma options, or may offer students the opportunity to obtain an actual degree. The requirements for online fashion degree programs tend to vary, but many do require students to meet with an instructor or a counselor in person or to take tests at physical locations at least once during an online semester.

Some fashion degree programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad. Programs like these generally require students to enroll in courses at a local college or university, but allow students to complete courses at an institution located in another country. The length of a student’s stay in that country may vary, with many programs offering students the opportunity to study during a special summer session or for a semester scheduled throughout the year. One of the main goals of these degree programs is to introduce students to international fashion trends and business methods.


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