What are the Different Types of Facilities Manager Jobs?

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Facilities manager jobs vary by location but can typically be divided into maintenance and repair. These jobs are essential to the ongoing operation of any building, industrial or commercial. A facilities manager is someone who is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of a building or facility.

There are a few community colleges that offer two-year programs in facilities management, but it is not widely available. The vast majority of facilities managers have some formal training in a skilled trade, combined with experience working in building maintenance. Prior positions may include superintendent, assistant superintendent, or similar positions.

Facilities managers are usually mechanically inclined and have a good eye for detail, blueprint reading skills, and excellent communication skills. Most positions offer a good salary and benefits, as they are typically found in either large manufacturing companies or large property management firms. It is very important for both these firms to have skilled staff who can resolve issues with the different systems required to operate a facility.

Most maintenance activity in a facility is scheduled. All the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems required to operate a building require regular maintenance. Some facilities are so large and the machinery so complex that the maintenance is completed by specialized service firms. Others are small enough that this task becomes one of the facilities manager jobs.


Repair is another important aspect of this position. Staff who constantly monitor the facility are able to identify and repair small items before they become larger items. For example, a small tear in a carpet can be quickly repaired to avoid becoming a long rip in the carpet that becomes a tripping hazard.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in facilities manager jobs enjoy problem solving and working independently. The level of responsibility varies widely, depending on the building and the size of the company. Large facilities can have multiple staff members working for a facilities manager or have just one person.

Most facilities manager jobs have a limited number of career advancement opportunities available. In order to increase his or her salary and level of responsibility, many people move to different companies. It is not uncommon for a company to restrict the activity of the facilities manager to a specific set of tasks, limiting the opportunities for growth. Take the time to build your skills and talk to your manager before exploring other opportunities.


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