What are the Different Types of Eyelash Treatment?

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There are many different products available that can improve the look and condition of the eyelashes. Common eyelash treatments include bimatoprost, non-prescription growth serums and conditioners, eyelash extensions, and eyelash perming. Depending on the condition of a person's lashes, in some cases just one or a combination of these treatments can eliminate the need for false eyelashes by lengthening, strengthening, thickening, and curling natural ones.

Bimatoprost is an eyelash treatment that is available by prescription only. It is commonly sold under the names Latisse®, Lumigan®, and Careprost. These products are typically applied once a day, along the base of the eyelashes, and over time, can make some people's eyelashes thicker, longer, and darker. Bimatoprost can cause side effects in some people, however. These generally include itchy eyes, redness, irritation, dry eyes, reversible darkening of the eyelids, and permanent brown pigmentation of the iris.

People who seek an eyelash treatment that is a non-prescription alternative to bimatoprost may consider trying an over-the-counter growth serum or conditioner. These products aim to lengthen and thicken the eyelashes, but do not contain the drug bimatoprost. Like Latisse®, Lumigan®, and Careprost, these products are generally applied to the lash line once a day and produce results for many users within several weeks. Eyelash growth conditioners and serums are not known to darken the iris, however. Side effects may include irritation, redness, a burning sensation on the eyelids, and reversible darkening of the eyelids.


Eyelash extensions are a temporary eyelash treatment that gives the eyelashes added length and fullness. Individual false lashes are typically bonded onto a person's own natural lashes with a surgical-grade adhesive. This offers a more natural look than traditional, full eye false eyelashes. The process of having extensions applied is time consuming and can take up to two hours. These generally last for the length of the eyelash's growth cycle, and fall out along with the natural lashes. This can take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

Another option is eyelash perming. This treatment often eliminates the need to use an eyelash curler by semi-permanently curling the lashes. The perm is performed by placing a perming solution on the eyelashes and wrapping them around a roller. This process can take about an hour. As with eyelash extensions, a perm usually lasts for the length of the lash's growth cycle, and the curled ones fall out and are replaced by natural, un-permed lashes.


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Post 3

Any eyelash treatment has the potential to cause side effects and damage eyelashes or make them fall out. I don't think there is any eyelash treatment that's risk free. But the salon treatments seem to be harsher and cause more side effects from what I've observed.

I, personally, have only used the eyelash treatment gels and serums that are sold at the pharmacy. I had good results with two of the products. They made my eyelashes thicker and longer and I didn't have any side effects. The third product didn't do anything, but it didn't cause any adverse effects either.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- I had eyelash extensions for a while but I was not happy with them. I don't know if it was the salon I had it done at or the type of glue they used, but the eyelashes started to fall out after only a few days. I had to go back to the salon almost every week to replace the fallen eyelashes. I've also heard that the glue they use causes eye allergies in some people.

I think using daily fake lashes or having your natural ones tinted or curled is a better way to go.

Post 1

Has anyone here had eyelash extensions done?

I heard that these are really great and that most celebrities get them on a regular basis. Is it very expensive? Does it look natural?

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