What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Styles?

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Eyebrow styles typically vary based on two different factors: the placement of the arch or curve, and the thickness of the brow. Different styles include flat, arched, curved, and angled, and each is suited to specific facial types and features. The thickness of the brow depends on the wearer's preference, though thicker brows are often considered more natural. Different styles have become popular over time, varying from thin, dramatic brows to more naturally shaped ones.

The eyebrows are an important part of facial appearance. The shape of the eyebrows is typically not permanent, as each person can choose eyebrow styles that are most complimentary to her face and eyes. In many cases, people may do best to choose an eyebrow style that balances what looks good on the individual with what look is currently in fashion.

Those individuals with very widely spaced eyes or narrow faces may find flat eyebrow styles most flattering. This style contains the least curve of all eyebrow types. Flat eyebrows help to make the face look shorter and broader, widening the forehead. This style also attracts attention away from the gap between wide eyes.


Arched styles often look good on people who have thicker brows, although this thickness can vary, depending on the person's preferences. Typically, this style helps make the eyes appear broader and more alert. It's also a good look for people with a tip of the nose that's rounded or who have a round face, as it helps create the illusion of length. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, the brow curves up at an angle. The high point of the arch is usually about two-thirds of the length of the brow, which is usually right above the iris's outer rim; for people with a wide forehead, putting the arch about half way along the length of the brow may be recommended.

Curved eyebrows are typically best suited for those with angular and sharp features or a heart-shaped face. The shape of curve eyebrow styles helps to soften the appearance of the features and can help lengthen a shorter face shape. The curve follows the natural line of the eyelid but is larger, in proportion to the eyelid, resulting in a broad eyebrow shape.

The most striking of all eyebrow styles is thought to be the angled style, which adds height to the face, making it appear slimmer. It is very well suited for those with close set eyes or square or round face shapes. The brows are shaped in an upward angle from the inner eye, and then in a sharp downward angle from the center of the brow to the end of the brow. The strength of this shape can match a strong jaw line or add definition to a round face.

The thickness of the eyebrows for each style depends on the person and the other facial features. Some individuals desire a more natural look, which uses minimal plucking and shaping, while others may want a cleaner look, which produces thinner brows. Thinner brows are a better choice for people with smaller eyes. More plucking and shaping is also required for individuals who want to drastically change the shape of their eyebrows.


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I think that eyebrows that are too arched look unnatural. Many people often try to get this look without thinking whether or not it will look attractive. If you like the look of arched eyebrows, be careful not to make the arches too high.

Post 1

I think that a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to styling your eyebrows is that less work is more. Too much eyebrow filler or color will create an unnatural look. Over plucking eyebrows will make them too thin and harsh looking.

A few good tips to follow are to go with the natural shape of your eyebrows, pluck any stray hairs, and use an eyebrow pencil to complete your eyebrow style.

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