What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Machines?

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The most well-known of all eyebrow machines is probably the tweezer, but there are also electrolysis devices, permanent makeup machines, and eyebrow shavers and shapers. Tweezers remove one or more hairs at a time by plucking out the hair at the roots. Electrolysis devices remove hair by sending electrical impulses to the root. Permanent makeup machines darken and define eyebrows permanently, and eyebrow shavers and shapers trim and shape the eyebrow. Eyebrow scissors can also be seen as an eyebrow machine and are used to trim the eyebrows.

Tweezers can be found in most households and are normally the first option when someone wants to get rid of unwanted facial hair. The eyebrows can be given a new shape or simply tidied up by plucking out stray hairs. It is the simplest of all eyebrow machines and also the most popular.

Electrolysis devices can be used as eyebrow machines as well. These devices send very low electrical currents to the hair follicle, destroying it and causing the hair to fall out. The hair may take longer to grow back, and when it does, it may be finer. With repeated use, electrolysis may stop the hair from growing back altogether. Some electrolysis devices have galvanic tweezers instead of electrolysis needles, which can be easier to use at home.


Permanent makeup machines are used to darken light eyebrows, giving them more definition. This is done by inserting pigment into the skin in much the same way as a tattoo is created. Permanent eyebrow machines, however, use needles that do not penetrate as deeply into the skin as ordinary tattoo machines. Eyebrow embroidery is done using a similar device, but it inserts the pigment even less deeply, so the results tend to be less permanent than with permanent eyebrow machines.

Shapers and shavers work in exactly the same way as other razors. Shapers usually have oscillating blades, but shavers have blades much like old fashioned razors. The only difference is that these eyebrow machines are much smaller and can be used to shave away excess hair or to trim long eyebrow hair. Once someone starts using a shaver or trimmer, he or she may have to continue with the hair removal on a regular basis to keep any unwanted hair growth under control.

Eyebrow scissors work just like ordinary scissors but are a lot smaller and have pointed blades to trim unwanted eyebrow hair. These scissors can give greater control and are much easier to use on the eyebrows. Experts, however, usually discourage the use of scissors, shavers, or trimmers on the eyebrow area because it can make the hair grow back thicker and longer.


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I’ve never heard of anything referred to as an “eyebrow machine.” It sound rather ominous, for some reason. I have to say, I believe that most of these “machines” tend to over-pluck the brows, making them appear extremely fake. I can understand the need to pluck some—no body wants one long brow. Especially a woman. You can’t get a date looking like Helga from “Hey, Arnold,” or Burt from “Sesame Street.” On the flip side, you don’t have brows drawn on, either. I would stay away from razors and electrolysis. They will take too much hair. A good rule-of-thumb is to brush the brows upward and pluck the strays on the upper and lower

side. Don’t forget to snatch any growing in between, too. Next, with a pair of small scissors, again brush upward and trim the longer hairs back to blend with the rest of the brow. Do the same by brushing downward. You’ll end up with a neat and natural look. Heavier brows are more youthful looking than pencil thin ones, by the way.

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