What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Jewelry?

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Most of the different types of eyebrow jewelry require an eyebrow piercing to wear, but there is an option for those who would rather not get an eyebrow piercing. The most common types of eyebrow jewelry seen in an eyebrow piercing are barbells such as a banana barbell or circular barbell, or rings such as a captive bead ring, although some people choose to wear other, less common options. Generally, non-piercing eyebrow jewelry is limited to adhesive gemstones or shapes because the shape of the eyebrow does not allow magnetic or clip-on jewelry to stay on very well.

A banana barbell is a slightly bent bar, at an angle that may be reminiscent of a banana, with two end pieces, usually balls, gemstones, or other shapes, that screw onto the ends of the bar and keep the barbell from slipping out of the piercing site. A circular barbell is nearly the same as a banana barbell, but the bar is bent into a circular shape instead of a banana shape. A less common piece of eyebrow jewelry is a straight barbell, which is like the banana and circular barbells in function, but shaped into a straight line instead of curved. Most people cannot wear a straight barbell in an eyebrow piercing without discomfort or damage to the piercing site because of the contours of the face.


A captive bead ring (CBR), sometimes also called a ball closure ring (BCR), is another option for eyebrow jewelry. This type of jewelry is shaped into a circle with a small gap. A ball is placed into the gap, and held into place with pressure from the ring's ends squeezing together. Depending on the gauge, or thickness, of the CBR, it might require the use of pliers or other tools to remove the ball from the pressure of the ring.

Individuals who wish to wear eyebrow jewelry without needing to get an eyebrow piercing can try adhesive options. These are usually simple gemstones, shapes, or other decorations than can be stuck onto the skin and removed later. To make sure these most closely resemble a true eyebrow piercing, place them at the outer corner of the eyebrow instead of too far in toward the nose. Most people do not get eyebrow piercings anywhere but the outer corner of the eyebrow because of the risk of possible nerve damage and facial paralysis.


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Post 3

@fify-- I'm intrigued by the spiral jewelry but one has to have a spiral piecing for it. So unfortunately, although there are very interesting eyebrow jewelry types out there, not everyone can use every kind.

I have a horizontal eyebrow piercing so I use a straight barbell jewelry and I think this is mostly what I can use. Circular or spiral jewelry are out of the question for me.

So I suggest those interested in getting an eyebrow piercing to decide on the type of jewelry desired and then get the piercing accordingly.

Post 2

What's everyone's favorite eyebrow jewelry for a piecing?

I have a captive bead ring on but I think the dangle eyebrow rings are cool. I plan to switch to it in the near future.

Post 1

Indian brides often have eyebrow jewelry either in the form of adhesive gemstones or designs drawn by hand with red and white paint.

The adhesives are purchased ready-made and can be found at online stores. These are a little different than the kind of adhesive gemstones that we get from beauty stores. The Indian varieties have more intricate designs and the picture shows exactly how to place the decorations. The other type of design, drawn by hand is usually done by an elder or friend with traditional paints. Sometimes something as simple as a toothpick can be used as a tool to make the designs.

I came to know about Indian eyebrow jewelry because I attended my best friend's wedding in India. We spent a long time decorating the bride before the ceremony.

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