What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Cosmetics?

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Eyebrows may seem like a somewhat underwhelming beauty feature, but there is no shortage of eyebrow cosmetics designed to keep them looking their best. An eyebrow dye or tint can cover grey or adjust the brow color to complement a new hair color. Products such as brow powder and eyebrow pencils are useful for adding color, filling in patchy spots, and making the eyebrows appear thicker. Waxes and gels help tame unruly eyebrows and keep them neatly groomed over the course of the day.

One of the most common complaints people have about their eyebrows is that they are too thin or sparse. Whether this is a natural occurrence or the result of a bad wax or over-plucking, there are many eyebrow cosmetics that address this issue. An eyebrow powder looks very similar to a neutral, matte, pressed eyeshadow, and is usually sold in a pair of one lighter and one darker shade. A small angled shadow brush is used to apply the powder in short strokes over the natural brows. Using a brow powder helps darken the eyebrows and perfect their shape to give the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.


A brow pencil is another one of the eyebrow cosmetics that helps brows appear thicker. These pencils are similar in appearance to an eyeliner. After the correct shade is selected, the brow pencil can be used to draw short dashes throughout the brows in the direction of natural hair growth. Outlining the brow shape with the pencil or solidly coloring in the brows is not recommended. Drawing brows with an eyebrow pencil results in very strong, very unnatural results, but using the subtle dash technique makes brows appear fuller by mimicking the natural hair.

Another common complaint that eyebrow cosmetics can address is wild, unruly, or unkempt eyebrows. People with this problem may find that their eyebrows are overly thick and bushy or that the hairs seem to grow in opposing directions. Applying an eyebrow gel is a good way to tame brows and give them a neatly groomed appearance. Brow gel usually comes in a tube with an applicator wand that resembles a mascara. The gel inside can either be clear or tinted and is simply brushed over the eyebrows from the nose side outward to slick errant hairs into place.

More stubborn brows may require more heavy duty eyebrow cosmetics. An eyebrow wax is a thicker, sturdier alternative to gel for taming wild brow hairs. The wax can be sold either in a palette accompanying a brow powder or in a jar of its own. A stiff angled or blunt-end makeup brush can be used to brush the wax over the top of the eyebrow hairs to set them in the desired direction and shape. Wax is clear after application and can be used alone or with a brow powder to help the powder stick to the eyebrows better and last longer.


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Post 3

I used to think that I have to buy a cosmetic specifically made and labeled for eyebrows in order to define them properly. But I was wrong. I discovered that I can use regular eye shadow and a small tipped eye shadow brush to define my eyebrows. It's not necessary to pay extra for eyebrow products.

And surprisingly, colored powder applied to sparse areas of the eyebrow looks much more natural than eyebrow pencil does!

Post 2

@burcinc-- I use a clear eyebrow mascara to tame and condition my eyebrows regularly. I definitely recommend this product. Like the article said, it's great for people with thick brow hairs that like to grow in different directions.

I've used a colored eyebrow mascara too but I didn't like it too much because I felt that it made my eyebrows look unnatural. But the color might have been a bad match for my natural eyebrows. If you can find the right shade of colored eyebrow mascara, you might like it.

Post 1

Has anyone here used an eyebrow mascara? What is your opinion of it? Is it worth a try?

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