What are the Different Types of Eye Makeup?

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There are many types of eye makeup, which is typically seen as cosmetics to be applied to the faces of women in the modern Western world. This was not always the case, and people can think back to examples in ancient Egypt when virtually all people lined their eyes with kohl. Throughout history, men and women have used a variety of different makeup on the eye to emphasize them, to make them more attractive, or merely because it was convention to do so. Today, however, eye makeup can usually be split into three major groups, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara or other treatments for the eyelashes.

Eye shadow is coloring worn on the upper lids to right below the brows. It can be made in various types. Powder shadows can be applied with fingers or with application tips or brushes. Liquid, frost or mousse eye shadows are also available and these can be applied with makeup sponges or fingers.


Sometimes eye shadow pencils can be found and there are even kits that are used for putting on different eye shadows at the same time to achieve the smoky eye look. These usually come in eye shaped ovals and are pressed to the eye to get the appropriate shadowing colors. Eye shadow colors can vary and can be anything from natural colors that slightly tint skin to drastic never designed by nature colors or even black, and color choice for each individual depends on taste and desired finished look.

Eyeliner, as previously mentioned, is one of the types of eye makeup that has been popular in the human world for millennia. Eyeliners may come in powder, pencil or liquid form and can be applied just above and below the eye the lids to add drama. Some eyeliner can be slightly smudged or smeared to apply a little color to the lids too. Typical colors are brown and black, but other colors like gray, silver, blue and green may be chosen too, and a few unusual colors include purple and pink.

Mascara is eye makeup for the lashes. It is meant to emphasize long lashes, and usually is applied in a sweeping upward fashion on the bottoms of the top lashes, and downward on the tops of the bottom lashes. Some women who have very thin lashes may also use false eyelashes, either a whole set, or one or two lashes in areas where their own lashes need thickening. These are usually applied with special glue that will keep the lashes on, but not make them too difficult to remove.

Other types of eye makeup can include foundation for the eyes or spot treatments under the eyes in skin colors that may partially cover dark circles. Alternately, some women use eye pencil brow liners to draw in the brow. An alternative is eyebrow gel, which can help shape bushy brows by sweeping them into place.

It can be difficult to determine exactly what eye makeup is required if any. Generally the least amount is worn during the day, but for evening events, women will wear a little more to emphasize the eyes. There are many makeup tips for determining most flattering colors and application methods for day and evening wear, for relative age, to address faults in the skin around the eyes, and for skin tone.


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Post 3

Subway11- I also want to say that if you have close set eyes like me then you will need to apply the darkest eye shadow color, or your contour shade on the inside of the inside at the start of the inner lid and move upward toward your brow.

This is to deemphasize the closeness of the eyes and make a more flattering look. Also the use of a brow shaper adds color and depth to your eye brows and really frames your face. Applying eye makeup in this area really makes a difference.

Post 2

Sunshine31- I just wanted to say that those were great tips. I wanted to add that eye make up application is not difficult.

First, you apply concealer or if you have a cream to powder eye shadow base that works too over the entire lid.

Next, if you are looking for a dramatic eye makeup look, apply grey eye shadow on the crease and move slightly outward, the darker the color the more dramatic the look.

Next, apply the eye liner from the outside corner in. You will have to lift the eye brow in order to do this. The last step involves applying the mascara. Start at the outer edges and work inward and then apply on the bottom as well.

Post 1

The important thing to remember is the eye liner, the mascara, the eye shadow powder and eye shadow base.

If you purchase a cream to powder eye shadow it will last longer and will not crease. A simple shade of light pink or brown tone is ideal.

An important eye makeup tip is not to wear the same eye shadow or eye liner as your eye color. This tends to create a dated look that does not accentuate the eyes.

Instead choose colors that are opposite tones of your eyes. For example, for blue eyes choose brown eye liner and shawdow. For a dramatic eye makeup look chose a grey or even black eye liner with grey eye shadow. This will create a smokey eye makeup look.

Just remember for dramatic eyes to stand out the lipstick tone has to be neutral or very light.

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