What are the Different Types of Extreme Activities for Travel?

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People seeking extreme activities or interested in an adventure holiday have a wide variety of diversions to choose from. The region selected for adventure travel influences the type of extreme activities available for use. Some types of extreme activity require equipment or transport vehicles; adventure tours may require guides. Also, some activities may be done for relatively little or no money, while others may be quite costly. Transportation costs and border issues may also need to be considered.

Extreme activities can be conducted by land, air, or sea. Areas that are near large bodies of water provide an opportunity for sporting, fishing, or observing. Travelers interested in rafting, canoeing, surfing, or sailing should keep location in mind when planning their trip. Travel destinations set near lakes, rivers, gulfs, or oceans also provide the possibility for fishing. Visitors to these areas also have the possibility for scuba or deep sea diving. This allows travelers to observe a wide variety of animals in their ecosystem. Some even dive for lost treasures or explore wrecked ships.

Dryer or arid climates provide for different sorts of extreme activities. Some people can bike through these extreme conditions as tests of physical endurance and emotional strength, while others may climb outcrops or explore any caves in the area. These areas also have animal populations that can be observed independently or in safaris led by tour guides.


Landscapes in colder regions provide for extreme activities that take place in the snow. Extreme sports like snowboarding, dog-sledding, and ice mountain climbing are possible in these climates. Some people enjoy camping in these conditions, and have mastered techniques for surviving sub-zero temperatures.

The advent of technology allows vacationers to explore the air now. Airplane, balloon, or helicopter tours allow passengers to explore the area from the air, which provides an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Other examples of extreme activities include skydiving and hang gliding. In hang gliding, a person is harnessed to an aluminum frame suspended from a fabric wing.

People interested in extreme travel activities should understand that some of these regions require passports for entry. Also, some of these activities are expensive. Travel costs can influence the accessibility of some of these activities. Visitors to these sites must also ensure that they have a knowledge of the local customs, laws, and cultures of the areas they visit; certain extreme activities may seem innocuous to the traveler, but can be viewed as disrespectful or a desecration of the land in some areas.


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Post 6

If you like the idea of adventure sports but aren't quite brave enough to start knocking things off of an extreme sports list, I would recommend things like doing a zip line tour of a canopy, or a Tarzan swing, instead of a proper bungee jump.

My friends like adventure activities but I am a bit too much of a chicken to follow them out of an airplane or white water rafting. They have since started to include adventure activities for the more faint of heart, like me, so that we can all have fun together. I would hate to not be able to do anything with them.

Post 5

If you love outdoor activities one of the best things you can do is try rock climbing followed by a bit of bungy jumping to round out your day. I like the physical challenge of going up a rock face and seeing the view from the top. It is especially fun if you are with friends and can get pictures of yourself climbing.

There are some great rock climbing spots in the US, with one of the best in my opinion is Cascade Canyon in Colorado. The area is gorgeous and if you want to really challenge yourself it is a great place to climb. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a real adventure.

Post 4

I went on an adventure trip while I was dating a guy who needed constant excitement. Personally, I would have loved to just lie on the beach and listen to the waves, but he wanted to be in the middle of the sea.

He took me exploring underwater. We went to see a wrecked ship with his friend who does historical research. He provided us with scuba gear, and we dove into the ocean.

I have to admit that it was fascinating, swimming through the rooms of the sunken ship. The treasure had long been removed, but some artifacts remained. It was an eerie feeling, as if the ship itself were a giant ghost.

Post 3

The best travel adventure I ever had was going scuba diving. I got to see things I have only seen on television, and being able to breathe underwater was a childhood dream of mine. Of course, back then, I had transforming into a mermaid in mind, but scuba gear accomplished the same thing.

I had to take a class the day before I went diving with a group so that I could learn how to work the equipment and what to do in emergency situations. The following day, I got the thrill of swimming with the sea creatures.

The ocean was so clear and blue. I saw sea anemones floating in the current. I swam past sea turtles, and I saw exotic tropical fish. I had never been that happy before. I felt like a child again.

Post 2

@shell4life – That sounds like an amazing adventure. It would have paralyzed me, though, because I have an extreme fear of high places. So, things like sky diving and bungee jumping are not options for me.

I do love the water, so I decided to go white water rafting with a bunch of people. It was the most fun I have ever had. We got in a large round raft with several oars and just let the water take us where it willed, for the most part.

Since the raft was so large and cushioned, I felt secure, even in the rushing current. I knew there were no waterfalls to fear, and it didn't seem possible for this huge raft to turn over.

We were all wearing life jackets, so I felt extra safe. Some people might not call this an extreme adventure, but for me, it was quite the thrill.

Post 1

I live in a relatively boring area, adventurewise. The land is flat, and we don't have any rapidly moving water. So, I had to travel to a mountainous area to do what I had always wanted.

My dream was to go hang gliding. I had seen people do it on television, and it seemed so freeing. I wanted nothing more than to jump off a cliff and float across the valley below.

Just standing on the edge was such a rush. I had never been that high above everything before, and I felt as light as a feather. That feeling is why it was so easy to leap off the cliff.

As I soared over the world, I felt like part of a fairytale. It didn't seem real. I would recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of heights.

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