What Are the Different Types of Expert Systems Software?

Alex Newth

Expert systems software is made by developers for many reasons, but these programs commonly are made to look at data and then do something with, or react to, the information. Diagnosis and repair expert systems software looks at problems, recommends a plan of action, and may create a schedule to help fix the problem. Instructional expert systems use tests or other methods to gauge the abilities of the user and then present material in the best order for the learner. Interpretation and prediction expert systems are similar, except one compares data to find an answer and the other uses data to predict an outcome. Monitoring expert systems are automatic systems that watch over an environment, such as for manufacturing, and respond to functions and needs.

Instruction expert systems software can be used to train new employees.
Instruction expert systems software can be used to train new employees.

Diagnosis and repair expert systems software are similar programs, but how they respond to information is different. Both look at information to determine a problem, and both recommend the best way to fix the problem. The difference is that a diagnosis expert system just tells the user the best remedy or trouble-shooting steps for the problem. A repair system will detail a schedule and all the steps needed to correct the problem.

Instruction expert systems software is used to train new employees or to provide individual instruction to students. This system first administers tests to collect information about the user, to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses. After collecting the data, the instructional system will then present material that best complements the student’s learning profile, so he or she will learn at maximum efficiency.

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Interpretation and prediction expert systems software are both made to look at data and create an analysis of the information. An interpretation system is often used in mineral and gas drilling to looks at images and other factors to determine the best way to mine the material, and helps workers understand what material has been found. A prediction system looks at information and predicts an outcome, such as with weather forecasting services.

Monitoring expert systems software is used mostly in manufacturing and energy plants, and it automates all the processes. Rules are built into the system that tell the system what the best operating temperatures are, what should be done with faulty equipment, and other factors that commonly occur in the plant. The expert system will then constantly analyze the environment and will respond to any changes to ensure everything is working optimally, correcting problems as needed.

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