What are the Different Types of Expert Services?

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Expert services are available for a wide range of business and personal needs. An expert is someone who has a specific level of skill and experience in a particular field or task. The level of education required to be deemed an expert depends on the type of expert and the services he or she is offering.

Expert services can be required for a broad range of functions, ranging from a legal case to a conference or presentation. These types of services are typically provided by an expert services company that specializing in maintaining a roster of available experts with validated credentials.

A subject matter expert is someone who has a specialized education, with advanced degrees in the subject. In order to be considered an expert, they should have a portfolio of published articles and hold a senior position in a firm with the same primary focus. It is the role of the firm to meet with the client, determine the type of expert that they require and the service that they require the expert to perform. This can include providing a professional written opinion, testifying in a civil or criminal court case or appearing on television.


In order to create a roster of suitable experts, the firm must confirm all the details of a potential candidate’s resume and credentials. All post-secondary educational qualifications must be independently verified, work experience confirmed and published articles located. The information must be collected from a wide range of sources, reviewed in detail and a summary report created.

References need to be checked to ensure that this person is a suitable subject matter expert. A personal background check is also required to ensure there are no surprises or avenues available to discredit the expert in court. Personal vices or public disagreements must be explored. The services firm is providing a reliable expert and they are responsible for ensuring that the quality of candidate is suitable.

Expert services often provide training sessions for their employees. These sessions include television show preparation, public speaking, courtroom guidelines and presenting information to the general public. These skills are necessary to convey the experts’ information to the audience. Most experts have invested all their time and resources into becoming an expert and may not have developed presentation skills.

The expert services firm is responsible for selecting the short list of experts for the client and providing a recommendation. Once the expert is selected, the firm coordinates travel, accommodations, and payment for the expert. A total bill for their services is provided to the client upon completion of the assignment.


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