What are the Different Types of Exfoliating Body Scrub?

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Exfoliation is a skin care process that involves removing layers of dry and dead skin so that the more healthy and radiant layers beneath can be exposed. An exfoliating body scrub is a product that helps a person to achieve this. These products come in a variety of scents, such as vanilla, coconut, and mixed berries. There are also exfoliating body scrub products designed for various parts of the body, such as the feet and hands.

An exfoliating body scrub is generally a thick substance that contains granules. They are often found as creams, gels, and body butters. Coconut shells, almond shells, and sea salts are popular ingredients that may be included to loosen and remove unhealthy skin.

Exfoliating body scrub can generally be found in most places where other health and beauty supplies are sold, such as pharmacies, health food stores, and cosmetics catalogs. Most suppliers typically offer a variety of types, with a variety of ingredients. A number of different ingredients are used for exfoliating body scrub because people have different skin types.


People who suffer from dry skin may like coconut scrubs because they tend to also have coconut oil, which is highly regarded as a moisturizer. Other people may not like the scent of coconuts or may be allergic. They may find that other scents and ingredients work better for their skin type. People with sensitive skin, for example, may only be able to use an unscented exfoliating body scrub, which will likely only include a short list of mild, natural ingredients.

Exfoliating body scrubs are sometimes combined with other products. Instead of having to buy an exfoliator and body wash separately, a person can buy an exfoliating body wash. This generally provides soapy skin cleaning agents and granules, which save time and money. Some bars of soap also contain skin polishing particles that are transferred to wash cloths or sponges as the bar dissolves and is rubbed off.

Some ingredients that are used in exfoliation products for one part of the body may be too harsh for another part. The feet, for example, have very tough skin. The feet are also subject to more pressure than other body parts such as the arms or thighs. Many companies offer exfoliating products that are specially designed for the feet. These may contain mint or eucalyptus, which can relieve aches and eliminate odors, but are often too harsh for other areas of the body.

On the other end of the spectrum, the lips are very delicate. They do, however, tend to get dry and crack. Layers of dead skin on the lips can attract negative attention. There are exfoliation products specially designed to address the lips and other sensitive areas of the body.


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