What Are the Different Types of Executive Security Jobs?

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There are many different types of executive security jobs that provide protection for people in all walks of life including politicians, business executives, and ordinary people. Providing personal, front-line protection are executive bodyguards. Uncovering accurate information provided by executive or corporate investigators is another segment of the executive security jobs sector. Security directors also provide a vital contribution to executive security through effective supervision and training of an entire executive security staff.

Bodyguards are an integral part of the executive security jobs sector. Providing hands-on, up-close, personal protection for politicians, executives, celebrities and heads of state around the globe, bodyguards need to have some essential skills in order to execute the duties of their unique position. They must maintain optimal physical condition at all times, which may include extensive training in martial arts or other types of hand-to-hand combat techniques like aikido, krav maga, or budoshin jujitsu. Bodyguards may require training in use of an expandable baton and various types of concealed handguns as well as instruction in tactical handcuffing.


Corporate investigators provide investigative services to aid in securing sensitive information and trade secrets and in exposing information leaks that could be damaging to the security of corporate executives. Most of the work done by a corporate investigator is analysis of data and evidence to uncover legal, financial, or personal information that might place an executive or corporation at risk. Investigation and discovery of background information on specific individuals is an important part of this job. For example, an executive engaging involved in a relationship with another person might compromise the security of a corporation by disclosing sensitive or secret information. A corporate investigator would investigate the background of such a person and inform the appropriate personnel within the corporation.

Another position in the executive security jobs field is the security director. The responsibilities and duties of this job include oversight and supervision of a team of security specialists, or security force, that provides protection for an individual executive or group of executives. The security director may also be responsible for training all employees including personal bodyguards, corporate investigators, and security guards. Development and implementation of programs that pertain to the safety and welfare of any corporate executives is a critical part of this job.


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