What are the Different Types of Excursions?

Harriette Halepis

There are hundreds of different travel excursions offered by thousands of different travel agencies, cruise lines, and other travel outfits. While every travel company has a different term for the excursions that are offered, most of these trips provide the same types of experiences. Essentially, there are four different types of excursions, including adventure, leisure, romance, and family.

A whitewater rafting trip might be considered an adventure travel excursion.
A whitewater rafting trip might be considered an adventure travel excursion.

While there are varying degrees of adventure, an adventure excursion involves embarking upon a trip that will require both mind and body involvement. These trips can include anything from cycling through great mountains to swinging on vines through a rain forest. Typically, a person must be in good physical health in order to partake in an adventure travel excursions; unless, of course, tourists will be transported through treacherous terrain while riding inside of a vehicle.

Trips to national landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, ensure an experience that will be long-remembered.
Trips to national landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, ensure an experience that will be long-remembered.

Leisure excursions are just like they sound. People wishing to spend their vacations relaxing poolside, sitting on a beach, or booking spa treatments will enjoy leisure vacations. Some travel companies add extra details to these vacations including meals, special accommodations, and unique relaxation experiences. People who need a true escape from everyday life will benefit from a leisure excursion.

A trip to an aquarium is an educational family excursion.
A trip to an aquarium is an educational family excursion.

Honeymooners and romantic couples alike may want to sign up for a romantic excursion. These excursions include all the basic romantic necessities, champagne, solitude, romantic meals, and some travel companies even include spa treatments for two people in a romantic excursion package. Generally, newlywed couples can enjoy deep discounts on romantic excursions.

Sitting poolside at a resort is considered a leisure excursion.
Sitting poolside at a resort is considered a leisure excursion.

Family excursions are ideal for the whole family. These trips usually involve activities that both younger and older family members can enjoy. Frequently, family trips include various options that each family member can select from. People seeking a family vacation may enjoy the different family-based trips that travel agencies and cruise lines offer.

Before booking any kind of trip, it's a wise idea to consider travel ideals. Those people who intend to travel with older adults or younger children may want to speak with a travel representative before booking any trip. Likewise, it's a good idea to find out what kind of resort one is considering prior to booking a hotel stay. Since many travelers enjoy guided excursions, there are numerous trips to select from. The important thing to remember is to understand what kind of trip one is booking, and to ask any necessary travel questions prior to securing a travel excursion of any kind.

Honeymooners might prefer a more romantic excursion.
Honeymooners might prefer a more romantic excursion.

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One of my favorite excursions was a cruise to Alaska. My brother, my elderly mother and myself went on a brand new cruise ship. We decided to live it up and take the owner's suite.

It was a large suite and had a deck with a hot tub. We had extra special treatment - like bowls of fruit, chocolate,and flowers. A butler was assigned to us and we could order anything for breakfast, which was served in our room.

There was a good choice of excursions in the ports where we stopped.

It was amazing to enjoy all the special luxuries. And having a private balcony, we could see all the sights without going up on the main deck.

Cruising is a great way for the elderly to travel.


My husband and I went on what I guess you would call a romantic excursion for our honeymoon. Let me tell you, it was incredible! I honestly felt like I was in a romance novel or something.

We booked the trip through a company in Colorado. They have a large piece of land in the mountains and a bunch of secluded cabins built up there. You feel like you are all alone but there are lots of amenities that you would find in a big resort. We had amazing food, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and candles. One night the even had a violin player come to our cabin and serenade us. They also provide some things to spice things up in the bedroom but I will leave that to your imagination.

It was an amazing trip and just what we needed after our wedding. It was such a big stressful process getting married that once it was done we both just wanted to relax and enjoy being with each other. That's exactly what we go. We might go back for our 5 year anniversary in March


I went on my very first cruise about a year ago and I absolutely loved it. I had had offers to go on cruises in the past but I was always hesitant to go. I expected that I would just sit next to a pool and eat at buffets for a week and that would be my vacation. Not really my idea of a good time.

The reality of cruising could not be further from what I expected. My days were packed with tours, activities, entertainment and exciting new strangers I met on the boat. And I actually lost weight while I was on the trip!

This cruise was through the Caribbean islands and I would love to go back and see some of the islands that we didn't stop at. But I would also love to do one of the arctic cruises. Oh, so many choices. But don't make the mistake I made and look past cruises because you think they will be a waste of money. Its a great way to spend a vacation.


A few years ago my wife and I went on an excursion offered by a local company here in St Louis. The company leads amateurs on bike tours around the region

Here is how it works. You select the distance you would like to go and the particular sights you would like to see. The company plans out the route and then provides a guide to help you make it through.

You carry your own sleeping gear and other essential but the guide carries all of your food and water and some emergency supplies. They are experienced at going on bike tours and they can fix your bike or address any problems that come up during the ride.

We went on a five day tour that covered 200 miles through the eastern Ozark mountains. It was absolutely amazing. A lot of people don't think of this kind of trip when they are looking for an outdoor adventure but it is really top notch. We are planning on doing another one in Tennessee in about a year

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