What Are the Different Types of Evaluation Methods?

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Various types of evaluation methods are often used in business, with an interview being one of the most common. This may include an initial telephone interview to assess the potential employee's qualifications, followed by an in-person consultation. Large corporations and businesses may hold conferences for evaluation purposes as well. Evaluation methods often include an observation technique. A supervisor may study his subordinate to assess his skills and ensure he is performing his duties correctly.

Evaluation methods such as interviews are not limited to one-on-one conversations. Group interviews, or what are often referred to as focus group sessions, are often held to gain perspective from various individuals. This gathering may include anywhere from five to 20 participants. Group interaction is encouraged, and fresh ideas often develop from a consolidated effort.

Many corporations and retail businesses create surveys for employees and employers to complete. This often helps to assess performance, as well as gain perspective on what areas of improvement need to be be focused on. Lengthy questionnaires may also be given to all employees after a conference. This is a good way to evaluate the effectiveness of the conference and what type of programs should be included in the next meeting. A survey can also help determine the goals and objectives of all individuals employed by the company.


Data analysis is an integral part of many evaluation methods. Data that has been collected as part of the evaluation process will be summarized for reference. This is typically done by using word processing or another computer software program.

Evaluation methods may include observation. A basic way of observing an employee is by watching as he performs his duties. More structured evaluation methods include assigning specific tasks for the employee to complete while he is being observed. To assess how an employee performs with a co-worker, he may be assigned a partner for a given task.

Some evaluation methods are less conventional and may require permission. One such method is an evaluation technique that involves recording a person's performance. This may be done by audio or video recording and be played back later for reference.

Employee evaluation methods may also include a comprehensive essay that is written by a supervisor or boss. The essay will typically include an evaluation of the employee's work ethics and performance, as well as communication skills. The essay may also state how well the employee follows direction and how well he works with others. His attendance record may also be noted in an evaluation essay.


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