What Are the Different Types of Entryway Cabinets?

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Entryway cabinets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, though most are fairly small to accommodate the limited space in an entryway. Wood and metal are the two most common materials for such cabinets, though wicker is also fairly common. Some cabinets come with cubbyholes or lockers for a different aesthetic, and some entryway cabinets are built into bench units for added functionality. Still others feature vanity mirrors, or other accessories to enhance the visual appeal of the space. Custom cabinets can be built for a specific space, though these units tend to be more expensive than others.

Some entryway cabinets can even be mounted to the wall. These act more like cubby units, in which gloves and hats can be stored and from which coats can be hung. Larger units sit on the floor and have varying levels of functionality depending on the size and shape of the unit. Most cabinets come with enough space inside to store various items commonly used before going out the door, or for storage of items no longer needed once a person is inside the house. Antique entryway cabinets are used mostly for aesthetics, as some can be quite fragile.


Wooden entryway cabinets are most common because so many different types of wood are available for construction of the units. The type of wood used will have an impact on the appearance and durability of the unit. Teak and cedar, for example, are very attractive woods that are resistant to moisture damage, which is a good quality for an entryway cabinet that will be exposed to moisture from the outdoors. These woods will be more expensive than other options, however. Oak and mahogany have attractive grains, and they are durable woods that are likely to withstand a significant amount of abuse.

The function of the entryway cabinets will depend on the features built into the unit. A cabinet can, for example, feature two doors that open on the cabinet space, as well as two or more drawers above the cabinet space for added storage of smaller items such as keys, sunglasses, wallets, and even dog leashes. Other cabinets may only feature the doors that open on the cabinet space, and others may feature no doors at all. The cabinet space will therefore be open and exposed, so the space can be used for storage or for storing decorative items.


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