What Are the Different Types of Entree Foods?

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The word entree means different things in different parts of the world. In the United States, for example, the entree is usually the main course or main part of the meal while, in Europe, the entree is an appetizer or starter that is served before the main course. There are many types of entree foods. Many entrees contain some kind of meat, like beef, poultry, or pork. There are also seafood entrees that contain fish or shellfish, and vegetarian entrees that are completely free of meat and seafood.

Some of the more popular entree foods are meats like beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and lamb. Meat appetizers can be small, bite-sized morsels that are meant to whet a diner’s appetite, or substantial dishes that are large and filling enough to be a meal in and of themselves. Italian meat balls are a type of entree that probably wouldn’t be served as a main course. Other meat entrees, like pepper steak or chili, can make up the bulk of a meal. When it comes to entree foods, a lot depends on how they are scaled when served. Meat loaf cut into small squares might be served as appetizers, while thick slices of the same meat loaf could be served as a main course.


Fish and shellfish are also popular entree foods. As with meat dishes, many seafood entrees can be scaled to work as either appetizers or main dishes. One exception is the seafood cocktail, which is usually served before a main course rather than as a main course. Some other examples of seafood entrees include crab cakes, shrimp salad, shrimp egg rolls, and seafood lasagna.

While vegetables aren’t the first thing many people think of as entree foods, they can be a good choice for those who don’t eat meat, or who are looking for healthy entree choices. Vegetarian entrees don’t contain any meat or seafood. Almost any entree that uses meat or seafood can be made into a vegetarian dish by making some substitutions. For example, some popular vegetarian entrees include vegetarian stuffed peppers, vegetarian chili, vegetarian nachos, and vegetarian egg rolls. Pasta can be a major component in a vegetarian entree, as in vegetable and pasta salad.

Another common type of entree is soup. As with other entrees, soup can either be served as the starter for a full course meal, or as the main course. Some popular soup and stew entrees include minestrone, beef stew, potato and leek soup, clam chowder, and tomato soup.


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Post 6

I definitely need help with vegetarian entrees because I have no idea what kind of food has no meat in it!

Post 5

Has anyone ever had tapas or small plates before? It is a pretty common restaurant concept these days. The basic idea is that instead of getting a big entree ringed with side dishes, you get several small plates, each with a dish on it that could serve as an entree or side dish.

It is a great way to break out of the meat and potatoes rut and to try several unique dishes when you go out to eat.

Post 4

@gravois - I completely agree. I am a big fan of meatless Mondays which I think is a national effort. It basically encourages people to not eat meat on one day a week. This sounds easy, and it is, but you would be amazed at how many people reject the idea. When you look at the American diet I guess it is not surprising. Many people eat pork for breakfast, chicken for lunch and beef for dinner.

I have started doing it with my own family. I have been a vegetarian for years but my husband and kids are not. I started doing meatless Mondays not to get them to become vegetarians but just to show them other ways of eating.

Post 3

When people think of entrees they usually think of big pieces of meat but there are lots of delicious and filling vegetarian entrees that are better for the earth, your waistline and your conscious.

If you are hesitant about eating vegetarian, try making a dish that usually only has some meat with no meat. For instance, a veggie lasagna is delicious even for hardcore carnivores and it is not so weird or foreign that you are nervous before every bite.

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