What Are the Different Types of Engineer Trainee Jobs?

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There are many different types of engineer trainee jobs that a person can obtain depending upon his or her engineering specialization. Many engineer trainee jobs are found in the areas of civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering. The purpose of these trainee programs is to prepare new engineers for the duties and responsibilities associated with the position, as well as assist them in applying their academic knowledge to a real world environment.

Civil engineer trainee jobs are very common throughout the engineering industry as this discipline revolves around the design, development, and maintenance of physical or natural building projects. In this position, candidates are often employed by a company or government agency that conducts a wide variety of building projects. The job of the trainee encompasses creating topographic, hydrographic, and construction surveys as well as recording the notes on existing land surveys. A civil engineer trainee is also responsible for inspecting the construction of various components of a project to ensure quality workmanship.


Engineers who specialize in the manufacturing process are often placed in a trainee position before taking on the full responsibilities associated with becoming a manufacturing engineer. This discipline focuses on creating and implementing new manufacturing processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of a manufacturer. These types of engineer trainee jobs prepare engineers to utilize their skills in designing, analyzing, and improving the manufacturing process of a company through the use of new or modified equipment and machinery. Trainees will also be required to recommend changes pertaining to the design and layout of the facilities, the work methods used, and the safety measures followed.

Mechanical engineers often begin their careers by completing an engineer trainee program. These trainee programs prepare the engineer to fulfill the basic duties associated with the job, which include reading and interpreting blueprints, schematics, and technical renderings. Mechanical engineers must also work with other engineers from different specialties to resolve system issues and implement new operational procedures that will result in increased efficiency of mechanical systems. Trainees are also required to research and design new products and systems that can be used in the marketplace to solve a particular problem or increase the efficiency and productivity of an existing process.

There are engineer trainee jobs for every engineering discipline. Every trainee will be required to complete the training program suited to his or her engineering background. In addition to the numerous engineer trainee jobs that are available by discipline, each company also has its own particular method for training its engineers in the processes that are specific to its business.


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