What Are the Different Types of Energy Engineer Jobs?

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Due to limited resources and the increasing demand for more energy, engineers are always looking for sustainable and renewable energy sources. Energy engineers are working to improve the technology to create sustainable energy. These energy engineer jobs include positions like renewable energy engineer, solar energy engineer, and energy optimization engineers.

Renewable energy engineers are needed to develop and implement a sustainable energy future. Through financial incentives and grants, governments and corporations attempt to advance research and testing in the areas of photovoltaic power systems, advanced fuel-cell technology, wind power, green building, and geothermal heating energy systems. Applicants for these energy engineer jobs need a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and electrical and mechanical engineering. These jobs require a Bachelor of Science degree in a field of renewable energy engineering or similar degree for entry level positions. Some type of postgraduate degree in a similar field of study may also be required.


The earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than is needed to power the entire earth for one year. The discovery of more efficient ways to harness solar energy is the main focus of solar energy engineer jobs. Solar power is used to heat water, create steam, turn turbines, and produce electricity, but engineers need to improve the amount of energy collected. Those who aspire to these engineering positions will require a master's or doctoral degree in energy engineering, applied physics, energy conversion or similar field.

Energy corporations and municipalities are always looking for ways to get more for the money spent on energy and future energy conservation. The energy optimization engineering specialist is one of the newer energy engineer jobs in this area. This position requires extensive working knowledge and experience in optimization and simulation applications. Such engineers audit and review existing power utilization in power plants, gas plants, and oil refining facilities, looking for opportunities for potential improvement. This kind of job may require several years of related experience and a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or an advanced degree in a similar field. These engineers will likely also be required to perform economic studies and cost analyses, to collaborate with foreign energy companies, deliver presentations, and publish technical papers.


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