What are the Different Types of Enema Supplies?

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Various types of enema supplies may include the bag or solution holder, different sized or shaped nozzles, and the solution itself. The materials used may vary depending on whether it is a washable or disposable enema, and can include rubber, plastic, and certain fabrics. A reusable enema will also require cleaning supplies, generally bleach and a small scrub brush if desired.

Disposable enemas can be bought in most drugstores and come with all enema supplies right in the box. They are typically sealed and sterile and are made from a plastic bottle filled with a saline solution. A long slender nozzle is attached at one end. The disposable enema models come ready to use, with no construction of the parts needed.

Reusable enemas may or may not come with the needed enema supplies. Most times an enema bag can be purchased and the nozzles are bought separately in order to best meet consumer needs. Bags are generally made from rubber or plastic materials that are heavy-duty enough for frequent use. Since they are not always sterile, sterilization can be performed by briefly submerging the bag in boiling water or by using a steam sterilizer. This may not always be necessary, and consumers are urged to speak with the manufacturer to be sure the bag is able to withstand heat.


Nozzles are another important type of enema supplies, and they can be bought in various shapes and sizes. Some consumers may need a longer or more slender nozzle to reach farther into the colon for curing severe constipation. Other nozzles are also sold so the enema bag can be used as a feminine douche. If the enema will be used for both rectal and vaginal rinses, two separate nozzles must be purchased. Vaginal infections can occur if the same nozzle is used for the rectum, so this is not recommended.

Other enema supplies include the solution being used to perform the douche or enema and cleaning solutions for keeping supplies free of bacteria. Enema solution and douching solutions can be purchased pre-made or they can be made using various ingredients around the house. Certain douches can be made with herbs and water in order to treat vaginal infections. Enemas can also be formulated at home for constipation.

The primary cleaning solution for enema supplies is bleach. This should be heavily diluted with water and all parts should be thoroughly rinsed with water and dried before their next use. Consumers should check with the enema bag and nozzle manufacturers to be sure a special cleaning regimen doesn’t need to be applied for certain parts, as not all materials are compatible with bleach.


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