What Are the Different Types of Employment Specialist Jobs?

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The employment specialist field boats an extensive array of careers, many of which involve either assisting individuals in obtaining employment, or helping employers develop recruitment strategies or deal with compensatory issues. Those who work in this profession may be employed in private enterprise, or may also work for governmental agencies. An individual working in this profession may recruit workers, determine compensatory practices in a business or organization, or assist individuals in obtaining employment. Some employment specialists provide coaching and other guidance to those seeking a job or desiring career advancement. Various efforts to assist workers who require rehabilitation is another career track in employment specialist jobs.

Job recruiters are one example of a profession within the area of employment specialist jobs. Recruiters typically help a company locate and hire suitably qualified individuals. Sometimes recruiters are retained on an employer's staff, locating manpower for one company. At other times, a job recruiter may work for an employment agency that provides recruitment services for many employers.


Compensation specialists also fall under the category of employment specialist jobs. The focus in this case is on developing, implementing and monitoring compensation packages for workers. Those who work in this industry may do a variety of tasks that include conducting salary reviews, and advising management on initiatives to increase the company's competitiveness in securing talented employees. Compensation specialists may also assist in developing compensation packages for senior management. In some cases, a firm may contract with an outside consultant to determine appropriate compensation for officers of the company, so as to avoid the appearance of nepotism, as well as to ensure accurate compensation is paid to managers.

Provision of employment assistance to job seekers is another area within employment specialist jobs. This assistance may entail teaching an individual in how to conduct a job search, or prepare for a job interview. Coaching job seekers is a related specialty. Those who work in this area may teach those searching for work how to better position and present themselves to a potential employer. Governmental agencies or nonprofits sometimes offer classes to job seekers to assist them in obtaining employment.

At other times, those who work in employment specialist jobs may focus more on rehabilitating workers who have suffered an injury. A worker may suffer an injury either on the job or off-site. In addition, individuals in these types of employment specialist jobs may help job seekers who are facing challenges stemming from a serious illness or disability.


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