What Are the Different Types of Electrical Industry Jobs?

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There are a wide variety of electrical industry jobs, ranging from electrician and high line worker to electrical draftsman. Each of the electrical industry jobs involves safely working with electricity in some capacity. Some electrical industry jobs involve running electrical feed into large construction sites, while others focus on wiring small electrical boxes and boards for machine manufacturers. Elevator installers, building inspectors and motor repair technicians are other jobs in the electrical industry.

Electrical industry jobs run the gamut from the lineman who works on the overhead electrical wires maintaining power transformers and repairing downed lines to the electrician that wires a breaker or fuse box in a family home. When the strong winds and ice from a storm knock the power out and millions of homes are without electricity, those with electrical industry jobs, such as the lineman, spring into action. Using tall bucket trucks, these workers are elevated to splice broken wires and restore energy to homes and businesses. It is these electrical industry workers who also string new lines and install new power poles and towers when building new power lines.


When a new home is built, an electrician typically wires the home and makes certain that the power outlets are fully operational without causing electric shock to the new homeowner. The breaker box is also wired correctly by someone with one of these electrical industry jobs. Electrical draftsmen design electric service to new subdivisions and shopping centers so as to provide the invaluable service without creating an eyesore. This typically involves underground electrical service and wires and often includes bringing power into a new construction site from an established power provider.

Many electricians elect to become utility inspectors and check the installation and execution of electrical services in new build construction sites as well as remodeled buildings. Making certain that all electrical lines, connections and breaker boxes are up to existing code can be an exhaustive process. Some of these jobs require that the inspector get down on the ground and crawl under buildings in order to properly inspect the wiring and power service. Others specialize in certain areas, such as elevator installation and service or even electrical motor service, such as fork lift trucks and electric train service. Workers focusing on the electric train can be involved on the electric traction engines on the train itself, or on the third rail, as it is known.


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