What Are the Different Types of Electrical Career Opportunities?

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Electricity is an integral part of most modern societies. It powers both homes and businesses, and it would be difficult to get many things done without electricity. As a result, there is always a demand for individuals with a variety of skill sets who can set up and repair electrical equipment. Some of the most common electrical career opportunities include being an electrical engineer, an electrician, a home entertainment electronics installer/repairer, or a lineman.

One of the electrical career opportunities that requires at least a bachelor's degree is that of electrical engineer. In many cases, however, a more advanced degree such as a master's or doctorate is required. Individuals in this field typically work on projects like power grids and other electrical systems. They also perform research and create new designs to optimize the functioning of electrical equipment. In addition, they might work on a variety of other large scale projects like satellites for space exploration.

An electrician mainly deals with electrical wiring in homes or businesses. Individuals in this field are responsible for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems that provide power to a house or building. Electricians use a variety of tools and equipment to connect wires from transformers to buildings. In addition, electricians are also responsible for restoring power to an area when there is a power outage related to inclement weather. Since electricians often climb ladders and work around high voltage, it can be one of the more dangerous electrical career opportunities.


Another career option is being a home entertainment electronics installer/repairer. This career mainly revolves around setting up home theater systems like big screen televisions and audio. Individuals in this industry must be able to effectively set up complex electronic systems or make repairs when issues arise. This job also requires a reasonable amount of interpersonal skills, because there is consistent customer interaction. Among the various electrical career opportunities, installing and repairing electronics is one that involves a substantial amount of traveling.

An additional possibility is being a lineman. This career requires individuals to work outdoors with a variety of heavy duty equipment. For example, a lineman might be responsible for setting up utility poles or digging trenches in which to lay out electrical cables. If network damage occurs because of high winds or a violent storm, it's up to a lineman to restore the network to working condition. As a result, this type of career also involves a considerable amount of travel and can be hazardous because of the equipment that's used.


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