What Are the Different Types of Eggless Cake?

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There are a number of different types of eggless cakes, though they do not always have the same consistency, texture, or flavor as regular cakes. Since eggs contribute both moisture and structure to baked goods, it is necessary to replace both of these characteristics to make a good eggless cake. One option is to use about half of a blended up banana as an egg replacement, and another is to replace eggs with tofu. Baking powder or soda is typically necessary to help an eggless cake rise in both of these cases, and the end result will still be somewhat different from a cake that was made with eggs. Another option is to use a commercially prepared cake mix and make it with a carbonated soft drink instead of eggs, oil, and whatever other ingredients it calls for.

Eggs are an important ingredient in many different types of baking, since they can contribute both moisture and structure to a finished product. Many cakes rely on eggs in order to rise and become fluffy, so it is not uncommon for an eggless cake to be flat or lack texture. Any cake can be made without eggs, though some are better suited to this type of recipe alteration.


Cheesecake is one option that typically requires eggs, but can work well with a substitute. One option for making eggless cheesecake is to use tofu instead of eggs. It is actually possible to make a vegan cheesecake with only tofu, though these recipes tend to have a significantly different flavor from traditional cheesecake. Vegan options also make use of ingredients such as almond butter, cornstarch, and rice milk to achieve a palatable result.

For sponge, spice, and butter cakes that need to be light and fluffy, baking soda or powder can be used to help the cake rise. It is also necessary to replace the moisture that is lost by not including eggs, which can be accomplished by adding tofu, blended up bananas, or other similarly textured ingredients. Each of these substitutes can change the flavor and texture of the end result.

Another type of eggless cake can be made from store bought cake mixes. These dry mixes typically call for the addition of items such as eggs and oil, though it is possible to leave those ingredients out. In order to make an eggless cake from cake mix, a can of some type of carbonated soft drink can be substituted for the required eggs and other ingredients. Cola is typically good for chocolate cake mixes, while lighter colored sodas work well with yellow cakes.


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There's an eggless cake recipe we used when I was a kid. We called it "Wacky cake," but another name for it is "Depression cake" or "Crazy cake." It was the first cake I ever made by myself.

The ingredients are flour, water, sugar, salt, baking soda, vanilla, vinegar, water and oil. You sift the dry ingredients together, usually in the pan you plan on using to bake it. An 8-by-8 pan works well for this. Then, you make three "wells" in the mixture and put the oil in one, vinegar in the second one and vanilla in the third one. Stir this up until it's crumbly. Pour a cup of hot water over it and stir a

little. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

This cake turns out surprisingly moist and other than it tends to sink a little in the middle, you'd never know it was eggless. Totally, completely, goof-proof. Unless you do something like get the sugar and salt confused, you can't mess up this cake. It's great for young cooks, or if your chocolate beast is roaring and you don't feel like making a "real" cake. This does the job nicely.

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