What are the Different Types of Education Administration Jobs?

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Education administration jobs can be found at all levels in the field of education, from colleges and universities to preschools and early childcare facilities. Most administrators are current or former educators themselves. In addition to their leadership roles in traditional educational institutions, administrators can also work at several other types of establishments, including correctional facilities and some cultural organizations, like museums.

Employees at many colleges and universities fill numerous education administration jobs. There are many potential positions at this level. Some administrators work directly with students, while others focus more on either academic areas or other traditionally administrative duties. Higher education faculty members, including department chairpersons, are also usually considered administrators. Other examples of these jobs include deans of students, admissions directors, and financial aid directors. The registrar and the director of development might also be considered examples of education administrators.

Principals and assistant principals are the two primary education administration jobs in most high, middle, and elementary schools. Principals oversee the daily operation of their schools, interacting with students, teachers, and other administrative staff members. They normally have external responsibilities as well. Many schools rely on assistant principals to help with obligations that cannot be fulfilled by the principal alone. In addition, there are other secondary school administrators who work in public, private, and parochial school systems. They might also work for a particular school district, or for a city’s department of education.


Not all programs, however, are directed by principals or college faculty members. In both secondary and post-secondary institutions, many education administrators specialize in a particular field. For example, career counseling, special education, and athletics are just some of the areas that generally require the expertise of education administrators.

Education administration jobs that involve working with young children typically require a background in early childhood education. Those professionals tend to work for preschools and daycare centers. In most cases, the education administrator is the director of the facility. He or she usually supervises the teachers and any other support staff members.

Like teachers, education administrators normally work according to their institution’s academic calendar. The working hours vary, but they tend to work full-time, at least five days per week. As far as background and experience, these positions typically require a master’s degree or higher. Individuals with teaching experience, or other administrative experience, are usually more likely to obtain lucrative education administration jobs.


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