What Are the Different Types of Economics Internships?

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Students who are majoring in economics or finance may be interested in the same types of internships as these two topics often intersect. Financial services, politics, and law are a mere few of the directions that students pursuing economics internships can follow. A career in any of the branches of economics can lead to a financially comfortable lifestyle, although the path is likely to be highly competitive.

Economic policy institutes may offer internship programs. Students who participate in these economics internships might support a research team on topics ranging from health care to energy policy as they relate to the economy. Professionals who work in these organizations are often called upon by the media to comment on current economic and political policies. Interns might be involved with a media relations division where interviews with outlets are organized and public statements and press releases may be issued.


Opportunities that exist for economic majors are diverse and can lead to careers that shape economic policies in a region or around the world. Students who are interested in the study of macroeconomics, or the broad study of financial systems driven by inflation and employment, for instance, might uncover economics internships in global organizations focused on promoting a strong global economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is one such agency. These sophisticated opportunities might be reserved for graduate or doctoral students. Economists study the economies of different regions and communicate the findings and projections in a report, something that interns might have opportunities to do under the guidance of mentors.

Working in a brokerage setting might interest students pursuing economics internships. The nature of the business may dictate that students participate in internship programs that unfold over the course of more than one semester. Brokerage firms may very well be grooming interns for future employment. Students need to demonstrate interest in the financial markets where stocks and bonds are traded and will be called upon to assist with servicing the Internet accounts of investors. It is very possible that brokerage internships will be paid assignments.

Stock and bond trading is another type of financial services where economics internships might be located. Students could work alongside traders in a major stock exchange and assist the market professional with completing buy and sell orders on behalf of investors. Working on a trading desk gives an intern a true sense of what a career in financial services entails from working with clients to performing research on potential investment opportunities.


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