What are the Different Types of Easter Baskets?

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Have you seen all the cute styles of Easter baskets that are available these days? From round, padded, vinyl covered baskets made to look like soccer balls, to bunny shaped baskets, there are many adorable looks from which to choose. Wicker Easter baskets, wire baskets, cloth baskets -- take your choice; there is something for every taste. Boys or girls who want to honor military heroes can choose camouflage Easter baskets. Children who want to use their Easter baskets again can choose sand pail styles.

Maybe you're looking for something to use as an Easter decoration. Fill a pretty mesh basket with flowers and use it as a centerpiece. Maybe you want something unique that will work with your child's bedroom decor when the holiday is over. If so, you can find Easter baskets in a vast assortment of different colors, fabrics, and textures.

If you prefer traditional Easter baskets, don't worry! There are plenty of these available as well, from large to small, from painted to natural. You can also find pre-filled Easter baskets with plush toys, trademark characters, and candy.

Themed Easter baskets are also cute and include several pieces from a particular product line. For example, if your little girl loves Barbie, you can select a basket that includes a Barbie doll, accessories, and Barbie candy. There are many different brands and characters available.


Of course, you can fill your own Easter basket with an assortment of plastic Easter eggs, toys, and treats. Choose colored Easter baskets in attractive pastel colors and select items to fill it in coordinating colors. Make your own Barbie Easter basket by choosing a pink basket, filling it with pink grass, and adding pretty pink packages of Barbie goods.

For your little sports lover, choose a baseball or basketball shaped basket. You can even find sports themed plastic eggs to match. If your youngster doesn't play ball, try a race car basket.

For nearly any theme, color, or style you can imagine, you can find cute designs in Easter baskets. They will delight your children during Easter and throughout the year. They make great accessories even after all the eggs and chocolate bunnies are gone.


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Post 3

@cmsmith10: To make an Easter basket with real grass in it, you need the following items: the basket, winter rye or grass seed, aluminum foil, potting soil, and plastic wrap.

A couple of weeks before Easter, line your basket with aluminum foil and then fill with potting soil. Sprinkle rye seed over the top of the potting soil. Cover the seed with about 1/4inch of soil and then moisten.

You will need to cover the basket with plastic wrap to keep the moisture in and place it in a warm area. The grass will sprout in a few days. After it sprouts, you can remove the plastic wrap. Keep it watered as needed.

By Easter, it will be full of beautiful green grass. You can do further decorating, if you choose.

Post 2

I would like to try to make homemade Easter baskets next Easter. I have seen some that literally had real grass in them. How would you go about doing that?

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