What Are the Different Types of Dry Skin Rashes?

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Skin rashes, also known as dermatitis, usually appear as red, itchy bumps or scaly skin patches, and they can be caused by bacteria, fungi, contact with chemicals or allergies, or the rash develops as the result of a hereditary condition. There are many different types of dry skin rashes, which include eczema, ringworm, and lichen planus. Granuloma annulare and psoriasis are two other types of rashes. Dry skin rashes can usually be healed with over-the-counter or prescription medications. People should consult a medical professional, who can diagnose the type of rash the patient has and recommend a treatment plan.

Eczema is a rash that is characterized by scaly, red itchy bumps that can cover small or large portions of the person’s skin. The rash most often appears on the backs of knees, on the hands, or on the inside of the person’s elbows. Eczema is usually worse during the dry, cold winter months, and sometimes crusty or pus-filled blisters will form on the skin. Cortisone creams, antihistamines, and ultraviolet light therapy are common treatments for these dry skin rashes.


Ringworm is a fungus that affects the surface of the skin, usually the scalp, groin, or feet. This type of dry skin rash is contagious, and a person can contract the disease from animals. Ringworm can present itself as a ring-like red patch of skin, but it also forms scaly or flaky inflamed dry skin patches. Antifungal creams or capsules are taken to rid the skin of the fungus.

Linchen planus is a rash characterized by shiny, purple or red bumps that usually form on the inside of the wrists, inside of the mouth, or on the ankles. This type of rash can cause hair loss if it forms on the scalp. The bumps may develop on top of one another, causing a more severe rash to develop.

Granuloma annulare is a type of dry skin rash that is the result of a chronic condition that creates red bumps or a circular-like rash. The bumps are itchy and cosmetically unappealing. It will usually go away within a few weeks, and it more commonly affects women, young adults, and children.

Another type of dry skin rashes are psoriasis rosea rashes. This type of rash is hereditary, and it creates large scaly patches of skin that can form anywhere on the body, although it is most commonly seen on elbows, the back, and knees. The skin can be flaky and white where the scaly patches have formed, and the person usually develops a rash after a trigger event, such as a stressful event or an infection.


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Post 4

I think these rashes are also caused by our imbalanced diet, since consuming excessive junk foods can also affect our immune system and indirectly can have harmful reactions on our skin. Skin can also be affected by using the synthetic creams that can cause severe skin problems. I think eating a natural diet would help in maintaining our skin and health, as vitamins from nature are always beneficial for health.

Post 3

Does psoriasis get worse in winter?

I have very dry skin and itching that sometimes looks like a rash. But it mostly occurs in winter, cold climate seems to trigger it. Does this sound like psoriasis?

Post 2

@turkay1-- You probably are allergic to hand soap. My doctor told me that skin allergies can develop suddenly. Even if you use something for years without problems, you can develop an allergy to it later.

I have a dry skin rash on my face too. Mine is also from allergies but not allergies to detergents, it's a food allergy. I'm allergic to eggs and the other day I ate mayonnaise. I broke up in a weird skin rash on my face. My skin is also dry and flaky, but it's also red and itchy. I had to put corticosteroid cream on it.

Post 1

I have an allergic dry skin rash right now. I think I'm allergic to liquid hand soaps. My hands are very dry in general, but I also have a rash with flaking skin on my palms and between my fingers.

When I avoid hand soap and use a lot of hand moisturizer for dry skin, the symptoms get better. But as soon as I start using hand soap again, it comes back. I'm very frustrated. I need to find hand soap that won't give me this allergic reaction.

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