What Are the Different Types of Dried Vegetables?

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Dried vegetables are vegetables, such as corn, peas and tomatoes, that have been processed to remove their water content and moisture. A variety of vegetables, such as corn, peas and tomatoes, lend themselves to freeze drying, air drying and dehydrating. Some dried vegetables are distinguished by their growing and processing procedures, and may be labeled as organic or kosher. Dried vegetables are often eaten alone, but they can be added to other dishes.

Dehydrated tomato slices can be eaten with a dip, floated on the top of soup and added to pasta dishes. Freeze-dried corn can be used to flavor pasta, soups and rice dishes. Dried corn can also be used in baking, and can be added to cornbread and muffin recipes.

Soybeans and soy nuts can also be dried. A green soybean, edamame, can be freeze-dried and served as a fiber- and protein-packed snack. It can also be used to top salads and garnish soups. Dry-roasted soy nuts can be used as a snack, in stir-fry and on salads.

Most dried vegetables can be used for cooking, camping and as emergency food supplies. Chopped and dehydrated onions and celery can be used for seasoning when cooking or added as toppings to dishes. Sun-dried peppers can be used for cooking or they can be eaten raw. A variety of dried mushrooms also are available and can be used in cooking, including in omelets, pastas and salads. Dried varieties include shiitake, white button and European mushrooms.


In addition to individual vegetables, dried vegetables are often combined and can be packaged as snacks. Some options include a mix of fir roaster corn, carrots and peas. This trio is combined with tomatoes and red bell peppers for a flavor-filled snack. It can also be added to soups, salads and baked potatoes.

A variety of peppers, including Jalapenos and bell peppers, are available dried. Dehydrated potatoes, broccoli and spinach are also available. An assortment of dried carrots are offered dried, including diced, shredded and chips. Leeks, cabbage and zucchini are also available in dried versions.

Potatoes, including white and sweet potatoes, are available in dried versions. Options include flakes, granules and chunked potatoes. Types of dried vegetables also include green beans, black beans and butter beans. Other types of beans that are available dried include kidney, pinto and trout beans. Beans are typically reconstituted for use, and often simply soaking them overnight readies them for cooking.


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The best thing about some dried vegetables is that they don't end up losing any of their nutrients, since they just come naturally. Also, from beans, to mushrooms and even chili peppers, while some of these may not come "naturally" dried, they're the kinds of vegetables that maintain every bit of flavor regardless. After all, there's a difference between vegetables that are dry, and vegetables that are freeze dried (instant). In that case, there's definitely a possibility of nutrients lost.

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